Top Ten SOLIDWORKS Tutorials on YouTube!

Article by Shaun Bentley on Dec 31, 2019

Get Started FASTER: Top Ten Official SOLIDWORKS Tutorials on YouTube!

How many times have you tried one of the built-in SOLIDWORKS tutorials and either got lost, interrupted, or just plain bored? “These tutorials must be in video somewhere!” Well, now they are.

I’ve picked the top ten tutorials and uploaded a narrated video of them on YouTube. These videos walk through the tutorials in a fraction of the time so you will get a quick preview. Using YouTube’s built-in functionality (see reference key below) you can also follow along with me!

View All: Top 10 Official SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

Individual Videos here:


Built-in YouTube Hot Keys:

  • J                    Rewind ten seconds
  • Left arrow       Rewind five seconds
  • ,                     Pause and Rewind by one frame
  • K                    Pause the video
  • .                     Pause and Forward by one frame
  • Right arrow      Forward five seconds
  • L                     Forward ten seconds
  • <                    Slow down video
  • >                    Speed up video

(highly recommended for advanced users! Sound quality on some computers may be negatively affected.)


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