What's New SOLIDWORKS 2024 Assemblies

Article by Cole McLeod on Oct 18, 2023

Productivity enhancements improve assembly tools in SOLIDWORKS 2024. Insert Component now includes the configuration name and description. Configuration names are often part numbers, which may not be descriptive enough when choosing configurations during component insert. Now, with the use of descriptions, users can ensure they are selecting the correct configuration from the start.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Assemblies Insert Component

Also included in the Insert Component PropertyManager are some flix/float options for when the component is inserted: Only fix first component, Fix, and Float. The chosen option is “sticky” and will be remembered the next time Insert Component is used.

SOLIDWORKS Assemblies 2024 Fix/Float Options

The Width Mate PropertyManager has been updated to improve user experience. The order of component face selection no longer impacts the expected result. To clarify, the selection windows have been renamed Width selections 1 and Width selections 2.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Assemblies Width Mate Enhancements

When adding Reference Mantes, the new Create mates only when names match option gives added control and improved mate predictability. Additionally, Lock rotation is now an option for concentric reference mates.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Assembly Updates for Mate Reference

One of the most requested and exciting enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2024 is the ability to save down to an older version. The ability to save to the previous two versions of SOLIDWORKS is now in the Save As options for SOLIDWORKS files. 

Note: When features are not supported by the chosen version, users will be prompted with a notification that the features will be removed.

Save As Previous Version SOLIDWORKS 2024 Assembly What's New

Another nice addition to Save As is Extended Reality file types. The converter is now native and does not require a separate installation.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Extended Reality File Types

SOLIDWORKS 2024 assembly enhancements are sure to improve workflow and productivity!


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