SOLIDWORKS Direct Editing Tools: Move Face & Delete Face

Article by Zach Brown on Aug 07, 2023

In SOLIDWORKS, Direct Editing tools provide the flexibility to modify geometry that does not contain model features, such as an imported STEP, Parasolid, or IGES file. In this guide, we will look at some Direct Editing tools such as Move and Delete Face. 

Turn on Direct Editing in SOLIDWORKS

To turn on the Direct Editing tab, right-click anywhere on the CommandManager, go to Tabs, then select Direct Editing

How to Turn on Direct Editing in SOLIDWORKS

Move Face

In the example below, we have an imported Parasolid with no features to edit. We need to lengthen the body in the Y-direction by 5mm. We can use the Move Face command to accomplish this. 

Move Face SOLIDWORKS Direct Editing Tools

On the Direct Editing tab, choose Move Face, then select Translate. For the faces to select, here we'll choose the bottom and filleted face of the base. Under Parameters, choose a Blind end condition, select the top plane for the direction reference, then key in 5mm for length and click OK.

Example of Using Move Face in SOLIDWORKS

Now, we need to increase the diameter of the base just a bit. We can also use Move Face to accomplish this. For this example, we will use the Offset option.Select the cylindrical face, key in a length of 3mm and click OK

Direct Editing in SOLIDWORKS Using Move Face Command

This process removes the fillets from the cylinder edges. We can add fillets or chamfers back in later.

Move Face Command Tutorial in SOLIDWORKS

Delete Face

Suppose we want to remove the remaining fillet and add chamfers to the edges. To remove the fillet, use the Delete Face command on the Directing Editing tab. Under Selections, choose the fillet face. Under Options, select Delete and Patch and click OK.

Delete Face SOLIDWORKS Direct Editing Tools

The Delete and Patch option resulted in the filleted face being removed and the edges brought together. The Chamfer command is also on the Directing Editing tab. We’ll engage the command and select the edges, key in a value of 3mm, and click OK.

Adding a Chamfer in SOLIDWORKS with Direct Editing

We have now completed our design changes using Direct Editing tools in SOLIDWORKS. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Check out more tips and tricks listed below. Additionally, join the GoEngineer Community to participate in the conversation, create forum posts, and answer questions from other SOLIDWORKS users. 

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