Elysium CADfeature

Translate other 3D CAD to SOLIDWORKS with Feature History and Associative Drawings

Enhanced CAD Migration

Easily migrate parts and assemblies from other CAD systems into SOLIDWORKS with Elysium CADfeature. Go beyond just the model’s boundary representation and capture features, assembly relationships, associated drawings, and non-graphic properties of the complete model.

Feature History

Migrate feature history to capture design intent and enable modification by features.


Robust B-rep recovery if feature is not supported to ensure model completeness.

Associative Drawings

Keep connectivity between the 3D model and the associated 2D drawings.

Product Structure

Maintain the product structure from the original CAD format.

Elysium CADfeature

Advanced CAD Migration Tools


CAD Integration for on the fly file conversion for 3D models and 2D drawings with Elysium CADfeature.

CAD Integration

CAD Integration for on the fly file conversion for 3D models and 2D drawings.

Automate and schedule a variety of different translation types with Elysium CADfeature.

Batch Processing

Set up multiple jobs to automate and schedule a variety of different translation types.

Get Intelligent QA Reports that check the overall results of Parts, Assemblies and Drawings with Elysium CADfeature.

QA ReportS

Intelligent QA Reports that check the overall results of Parts, Assemblies, Drawings with statistical analysis and detailed messages.

Elysium CADfeature tool lets you graphically overlay the source CAD model to the target CAD model to inspect for problems during the translation process.

CADfeature Viewer

Verify the quality of feature-based translations by graphically overlaying the source CAD model to the target CAD model to check if any problems occurred during the translation process.

Yes, you will need at least one seat of the Legacy CAD software while using Elysium CADfeature. After you have completed the migration, you can choose whether or not to maintain the Legacy CAD software.
Yes, we offer 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month leasing options. Or, you can choose to purchase outright the Elysium CADfeature.
CAD Version
CATIA V5 R23, R25(V5-6R2015) – R33(V5-6R2023)
NX NX 1847 Series – NX 2306 Series
Creo Parametric 3.0 – 9.0 (*)
Creo Elements/Direct 18.1 – 20.6
SOLIDWORKS 2018 – 2023
Autodesk Inventor 2019 – 2023
Solid Edge 2019 – 2023

(*) Parts created in Creo 7.0 will be supported in B-rep mode if multi-body modeling is detected.
Multi-body modeling paradigm will be supported in a future release.



Feature Translation

Translate features utilizing the feature tools and history from the original CAD system to the best practices of the new CAD system.

Learn More About Feature Translation Available with Elysium CADFeature Software.

Learn More About 2D Associative Drawings Available with Elysium CADFeature Software.

2D Associative Drawings

Migrate your 2D drawings and keep the associativity with your 3D models. Associative drawings that preserve sheet layouts, drawing views, scale factors, annotations, and dimensions that update when associated 3D parts or assemblies change.

Thread Definition

Retain cosmetic threads and attribute values from the original CAD system.

Learn More About the Thread Definition Capabilities with Elysium CADFeature.

Standard Parts Mapping and Part Reuse is Available with Elysium CADFeature.

Standard Parts Mapping & Part Reuse

Map over standard parts from the original CAD system to the standard parts of the new CAD system. No translation required.

Metadata & Non-Geometric Attributes

CADfeature migrates metadata and non-geometric attributes to ensure that the information behind the geometry, such as PMI, is represented accurately in your targeted CAD system.

Metadata & Non Geometric Attributes Available with Elysium CADFeature.

Learn More About Assembly Relationships & Part Library Translations with Elysium CADFeature.

Assembly Relationships & Part Library

Accurate translations of assembly mating relationships and reuse of already translated parts.



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