PDM and Manage Data Hosting

Do You Need the Convenience of Cloud, but the Functionality of Your Proven SOLIDWORKS Data Management Tools?

GoEngineer offers professional server Hosting options for SOLIDWORKS server products including PDM and Manage for those customers without access to physical infrastructure at their office locations. Our hosted systems are built to exceed the vendor’s hardware recommendations and are right-sized to deliver the best performance for your environment.


GoEngineer offers SOLIDWORKS Hosting Services for PDM, Manage and Electrical customers


Reduce IT Costs with GoEngineer SOLIDWORKS Hosting

Reduced IT Burden

With no physical hardware to support, or backups to manage, we’ll keep the systems functioning with a 99% up-time

Utilize GoEngineers Quick Implementation Services for your SOLIDWORKS Hosting Needs

Quick Implementations

With short turnaround times, we can have your server up and applications installed quickly, so you can get the most from your SOLIDWORKS investment as quickly as possible.

GoEngineer Service Support for SOLIDWORKS Hosting

Premium Support

Combine GoEngineer Hosting with your active SOLIDWORKS Service Agreement, and we provide end-to-end application support should you run into any errors.

Learn More About Reilable SOLIDWORKS Hosting Solutions with GoEngineer

Proven Reliability

GoEngineer has been hosting critical customer data for more than 10 years. Between our dedicated hosting infrastructure team, and our nation-wide team of Implementation, Application and Support Engineers, and you have expert level resources maintaining your data around the clock.

GoEngineer utilizes Microsoft Azure for our hosting needs. There are 9 Datacenters located throughout North America, and many more all over the globe. We would choose a datacenter that is physically closest to the majority of your users to minimize internet latency.
GoEngineer guarantees better than 99.95% uptime for connectivity to your system, excluding planned downtime for regularly scheduled maintenance.
Our primary method for providing connectivity to your system is to configure an IPSec tunnel from our server to your existing Network; that way, the system shows up just as if it were sitting in the server closet down the hall from your workstation.
We optionally offer individual VPN access in the event your users all work remotely and not in a central office.
Yes, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and Manage both have the ability to configure a web portal. While we don’t recommend this as the primary interface for CAD users, it may be very appropriate and convenient for other users needing access to your data. The Web Portals for those tools, and respective firewall and DNS settings can be configured upon request.
Our network connections are blazing fast…more bandwidth than we can reasonably use. But, that doesn’t mean that our hosted option is going to be faster than your on-premise server. In fact, in most cases, it will be a little slower than having a server on-site. PDM and Manage rely heavily on database communication, and the lower the latency, the better. If you’re serious about moving to the cloud, we can facilitate a test environment for you to evaluate your specific connection to our systems.
Our base image is configured with your first 256Gb of storage included. Additional storage can be added at any time over the course of your hosting contract. We currently have no limits on data transfer to/from our hosted systems.
While we always welcome your business, if you already have cloud infrastructure and connectivity with Amazon or Microsoft, it will be far more cost-effective for you to spin up another Windows server in that environment and use that instead. With your SOLIDWORKS Service Agreement, you still have full application support through GoEngineer, and we always recommend our Implementation Services to get you up and running. Our offering is targeted towards customers who are just getting started in the cloud, don’t have the proper IT team to handle an AWS/Azure environment, or just need a quick-turnaround solution without capital expenses.
Certainly. We can work together on the hosting start/end date to make sure you only get one invoice from GoEngineer to cover all your annual SOLIDWORKS-related costs.
Yes! We are simply hosting the Windows Server used to run your applications. Unlike many other cloud services, upgrades aren’t mandatory. You get to set the schedule as to if/when you upgrade to newer SOLIDWORKS product versions, and therefor have plenty of flexibility to plan validation activities if required.
No. While our hardware is located in ITAR compliant facilities, the GoEngineer Hosting team is not appropriately registered with the US Department of State, and this is not in our current roadmap. If you need a cloud server provider for your controlled data, both AWS and Azure offer Government Cloud solutions you can explore.
Yes! You can have it all by bundling our Managed Administration Services alongside our Hosting. With a dedicated PDM/Manage Administrator, we can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to adding or removing users, modifying permissions, updating workflows and processes, service pack and major version upgrades and more.
No.  You can only manage the SOLIDWORKS Server applications through their associated administration tools.  You will not be granted Remote Access to the server.





Learn How GoEngineer Can Help You With Your SOLIDWORKS PDM Hosting Needs


Flexible Infrastructure

Built right inside Windows Explorer, SOLIDWORKS PDM is the best tool for managing your CAD Data and related documents. If you don’t have servers available onsite, we can host your PDM Database, Archive, or both in our Utah data center. Securely access your vaulted files via an IPSec tunnel to your network, or by individual VPN accounts. Need to provide web portal access? We’ve got you covered there to! Get in touch with our Hosting Specialists by clicking the link below.


Learn How GoEngineer can Host your SOLIDWORKS Manage data

SOLIDWORKS Manage Hosting

Scalable Systems

SOLIDWORKS Manage is our Flagship data management tool, which sits on top of the SOLIDWORKS PDM you already know and love. Manage databases tend to be considerably larger than the related PDM database and uses an IIS-based Fileserver for non-PDM documents. GoEngineer will maintain and optimize your databases in our datacenter to provide your users the best performing environment without the IT hassle of server management. Contact our hosting team to learn more.




Utilize GoEngineer to host your SOLIDWORKS Electrical Data

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Hosting

Multi-User Collaboration

Guaranteed database uptime is key for working within SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Each project requires its own database, so organizing, optimizing, and managing file locations is critical for multi-user success with SOLIDWORKS Electrical. We’ll manage the infrastructure, so you can get back to designing.





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