SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Essentials


Length:  3 days
Prerequisites: Experience with the SOLIDWORKS design software.
Description: The SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard training is a three-day training that teaches how to use the SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard software to generate, modify and post process 2.5 axis milling toolpaths used for themachining of SOLIDWORKS part files.
Format: Classes are scheduled at a GoEngineer training facility and taught by certified SOLIDWORKS instructors. Training manuals will be provided to you on the first day of class. This training may also be taught as a custom class at your location for an additional cost.

The SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Essentials training Course consists of the following lessons:

 User Interface and Process Overview
 Case Study: Generate Toolpaths and NC Code
 Exercise 1

 Working with Features, Operations and
 Case Study: Working with Features, Operations
and Toolpaths
 Exercise 2

 Interactive Feature Creation
 Case Study: AFR and IFR Feature Creation
 Case Study: IFR 2.5 Axis Feature and Operations
 Case Study: IFR 2.5 Axis Feature Selections
 Exercise 3

 Interactive 2.5 Axis Mill Operations
 Case Study: Interactive Operation Creation
 Case Study: Create Operations
 Save Operation Plan
 Machining Similar Features
 Case Study: Combine Operations
 Adding Avoid and Contain Areas
 Exercises 4-6

 Case Study: Create Linear, Circular and Sketch
Driven Patterns
 Exercise 7

 Advanced Feature Creation
 Case Study: Engrave Feature Creation
 Case Study: Multi-stepped Hole Machining
 Case Study: Corner Round and Chamfer
 Case Study: User Defined Tool Creation
 Case Study: Multi Surface Feature Creation
 Exercises 8-10

 SOLIDWORKS CAM Technology Database
 Case Study: TechDB Add Machine
 Case Study: TechDB Add Tool
 Case Study: TechDB Create and Apply Strategy
 Exercise 11

 Considerations for Waterjet, Plasma and Laser
 Tolerance Based Machining