Access Cloud Services

Discover the full potential of Cloud Services for SOLIDWORKS! Just follow these simple steps to get started with Sharing and Markup, Storing and Revising, and much more!

In case you've already activated your 3DEXPERIENCE® platform environment, access it now to proceed directly to the next section on "Your First Steps as a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Administrator."

Ready to activate your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform? Let's go!


Activate Your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Before you can access the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you will need to ensure your platform has been activated. 
Follow the below steps:

Check your Inbox

Check Your Inbox

  • Look for your email with Subject: "Action Required: Your 3DEXPERIENCE platform is ready"
  • Click on “ACCESS your 3DEXPERIENCE platform”
    [PLEASE NOTE: You must be the platform Administrator and first user as this action will consume a user license]



  • Log in with a 3DEXPERIENCE ID (or a SOLIDWORKS ID)
  • Create a new login, if needed

Accept the Customer License and Online Service Agreement

Accept the Customer License and Online Service Agreement (CLOSA)

  • Confirm that you are the Administrator for your platform
  • Click to accept the CLOSA

Start as Platform Administrator

  • Invite new users, assign roles, and install your apps

Your First Steps as a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Administrator

Learn how to assign roles, invite other users, and familiarize yourself with the platform management dashboard and tools.

Access my platform >


Install the 3DEXPERIENCE Connector for SOLIDWORKS

To connect SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you will need to install the Design with SOLIDWORKS app, which is part of the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS role.

Installation Guide >

Share & Markup

Get going today with Share and Markup, or opt for Store and Revise. For those with more intricate needs, easily transition to Manage and Control or even more advanced options, granting you complete access to a comprehensive set of tools for efficient data management, formal change actions, project tasks, and much more!

Explore the videos provided below to discover how simple it is to share your SOLIDWORKS designs with anyone. Upon receiving a share, all you need is a login to effortlessly view and markup the designs, with no download required!

If you haven't yet activated your platform, go back to the "Access Cloud Services" section and follow the simple steps.


Setup Required for Share and Markup

Watch this brief video for a clear explanation of the simple setup tasks required before you can start sharing your designs in SOLIDWORKS.

Access my platform >


How to Use Share and Markup

This guide shows you how to share your SOLIDWORKS designs, enabling anyone to view and markup the design in 3D using just a web browser.

Getting Started Member Path >


Unlock the full potential of Share and Markup

Discover the art of managing access to your SOLIDWORKS designs and securely sharing them within or outside your company.

Enhance collaboration with others >

Store & Revise

With your designs stored on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enjoy the benefits of accessing them from anywhere, collaborating with fellow designers, and utilizing top-notch SOLIDWORKS integration and productivity tools to manage design revisions efficiently.

If you haven't yet activated your platform, go back to the "Access Cloud Services" section and follow the simple steps.


Configure Your Platform Storage

In this quick-start guide, you'll be guided through setting up your secure cloud storage solution and understanding the platform management dashboard.

Access my platform >


Store Your Designs on the Cloud

Discover how to seamlessly save, find, and open your designs using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform without leaving SOLIDWORKS. Additionally, enhance your productivity by directly accessing your designs from the web.

Get started with Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS >


Revise Your Designs

Discover how to effortlessly capture your SOLIDWORKS design history using out-of-the-box revision management, directly from your SOLIDWORKS user interface.

Learn more about revisions and lifecycle >


Productivity Tools

With your designs now stored on the platform, uncover a new level of productivity. Utilize Product Explorer to navigate your designs, employ 3DMarkup for thorough review and interrogation, and streamline task assignments with Collaborative Tasks.

Check out the Member Path Extended Capabilities >

Manage & Control

Looking for additional possibilities? The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is designed to be scalable, allowing you to effortlessly integrate more capabilities to fulfill your data management requirements when the time is right.

If you haven't yet activated your platform, go back to the "Access Cloud Services" section and follow the simple steps.


Introduction to Manage and Control

In this video, we present some of the next steps you can take, explore the available resources, and demonstrate how a customized solution can be configured to perfectly align with your unique needs.



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