This is a searchable granular comparison for the different features between SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional.


Ever seen an instructional video online and struggle to find the button, feature or option in your installation of SOLIDWORKS PDM? You could be looking for a feature that is not available in your SOLIDWORKS PDM Package.
This table will clear some questions you may have about the more granular components of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard/Professional and the multiple places where they are found.
This document is searchable to help you find the command location in the PDM interface.

Note: You may feel the details found in this document are unnecessary but we’d rather cover more than we should. Some of the permissions will repeat through the sections for viewing convenience.

Admin Tool Nodes

These are the options/nodes you will find in the Administration tool when you log into your vault.


- SWTaskAddIn  *2018 and newer

Bills of Materials


- File Cards

- Folder Cards

- Item Cards

- Search Cards

- Template Cards


Cold Storage Schemas


Data Import/Export

- Export rules

- Import rules

- Variable Alias Sets

File types





Lists (for cards)

Message System

- Database



- Archive

- Database


- Revision number component

- Revision numbers

Serial Numbers


- Revision Table *2018 and newer

- Toolbox


- Convert *2018 and newer





Admin Tool Groups/User Permission

These are the permissions found in the Groups and individual User Nodes of the Administration Tool

Can accept tasks to execute on a host

Can administrate add-ins

Can administrate users

Can create web shares

Can purge history

Can set/ Delete labels

Can undo check out files checked out by other users

Can update card lists

Can update cold storage

Can update columns

Can update document categories

Can update ERP Import/Export settings

Can update indexing settings

Can update item settings

Can update license keys

Can update Mail configuration

Can update Replication settings

Can update Report queries

Can update Revision numbers

Can update Search favorites

Can update Search forms

Can update Serial numbers

Can update Task settings

Can update Template forms

Can update Toolbox settings

Can update Variables

Can update Workflows

File vault management

May see administration tool

Must enter state change comments

Must enter version comments

Password protected e-mail

Refuse login

Folder Permissions:

Activate computed BOM

Add or rename file

Add or rename folder

Assign file permissions

Assign group membership

Can overwrite latest version during check in

Can update the design of cards

Check out file

Delete file

Delete folder


Edit folder card data

Edit version free variable data

May see files before initial check in (Private State)

Move file

Move folder

Permit or deny group-level access to files

Read file contents

Read named bill of materials

Recover files from recycle bin

Restore file from cold storage


See computed BOM

Set Revision

Share file to another folder

Show working versions of files

sTATE Permissions:

Add or rename file

Can overwrite latest version during check in

Check out file

Delete file


Edit version free variable data

Move file

Permit or deny group-level access to files

Read file contents

Set Revision

Share file to another folder

Transition Permissions:

Disallow sequential state changes


Permissions Per File:

All users may by default see files created by this user

Only selected groups may by default see files created by this user

Search Cards:

Access (Allow user to see selected search card)

Bills of Materials:

Activate computed BOM

See computed BOM


Access (Allow user to see selected Task)


Access (Allow user to see selected Templates)


NOTE: All operations contain option: Can’t ignore any warnings

Change State:

- File is checked out

- File is in wrong state

- File not found

- Latest version is not attached

- No rights to change state

- the file is not rebuilt

- Unknown file format

Check in:

- Cyclic reference

- File name is not unique

- File not found

- Local file is modified

- Local version has been overwritten

- Missing data necessary for BOM, needs resaving in SOLIDWORKS

- No local copy


- SOLIDWORKS Drawing is set to use Independent Revision table

- The file is checked out by another user

- The file is checked out in another folder

- The file is checked out in another computer

- The file is not rebuilt

- The file is open in another application

- Toolbox file is located in a non-Toolbox folder

- Unknown file format

Check out:

- Can’t check out: Unsupported file type

- Document in multiple projects

- File is checked out

- File not found

- No check out rights

- The file is deleted

- The file is open in another application

Set Revision:

- A revision is attached to a newer version

- Can’t increment revision

- Can’t increment revision: End of revision list

- Can’t increment revision: File is checked out

- Can’t increment revision: Missing revision on referenced file

- Can’t increment revision: No revision generator found

- Can’t increment revision: You lack sufficient rights

- File not found

- Multiple versions exists in tree

- Somebody else has created a revision on this document

- The file is not rebuilt

- The selected version does not exist

Cache Options:

Clear cache during log out

Refresh cache during log in

Copy tree:

Exclude from copy tree


Exclude from branch  *2018 and newer



Adding Files:

- Specify file extensions to automatically add or exclude from the vault

- Add new files silently without showing a notification balloon

Adding Folders:

- Specify folder names to automatically include or exclude from the vault


- Specify variables to update by file extension  *2018 and newer

Check In:

- Include drawings automatically when checking in the model

- Look for drawing in the entire vault (Instead of only the same folder

- Look for drawings in sub-folders of the folder containing the model

- Look for drawings in parent-folder of the folder containing the model

- Only look for drawings with the same file name as the part/assembly

Copy Tree:

- Specify variables to update by file extension


File types to show:

- Show all files

- Show only files that are part of the file vault

- Show only local files

Local file clean-up:

- Automatically delete local read-only files that are not part of the file vault


- Show inherited values in folder card edit page

- Show full user names

- Show user information pop-up

Checkout files when:

- The Open command is executed

- The Edit command is executed

File Compare:

- Install file compare applications


- Select language


- Customize menu options


- Configure Merge Command file handling  *2018 and newer


Notifications sent by SOLIDWORKS PDM should:


- Cause a sound to be played

- Bring up the New Notification dialog box

Message sent by users should:


- Cause a sound to be played

- Bring up the New Message dialog box

Reference Dialog:

Check out and version access controls:

- Auto select reference files to get latest when checking out.

- Always work with latest version of files.

- Enable the get version command in SOLIDOWORKS Add-in

- Check out files silently without showing the check out dialog box

- Try to check out all referenced files when the referencing file is checked out


- Do not mark referenced files when changing state

- Show “not rebuilt” warnings on drawings and assemblies in need of rebuilding


- Customize Windows Explorer toolbar


- Add/Remove file viewer applications for specific file extensions

Global SOLIDWORKS PDM Features

SQL version Database dependent features:

Database size

10 GB max



Web servers

Maintenance Plans

Workflows allowed:

1 max


- Workflow link

- Parallel Transitions

- Automatic Transitions

Transition only permissions:

- Authentication

- Hide when sibling parallel transition is chosen

- Overwrite Latest Version (Files only)

States allowed:

10 max


- Workflow link

- Parallel Transitions

- Automatic Transitions

State only permissions:

- initial state

- Ignore permissions in previous states

Vault Explorer features:

Move Tree

Report Generator

Search Tool/Favorites

Data card input formulas

Client features:

Solidworks add-in

Draftsight add-in

Office add-in integration

Windows/LDAP login


Pro\E Connector

Solid Edge file support

Autodesk AutoCad

Autodesk Inventor

Client License Types:




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