Network and Educate with Other SOLIDWORKS Users


SOLIDWORKS User Groups are a valuable resource to all members of the SOLIDWORKS community

  • Learn more about SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS related products.
  • Better educate yourself on how SOLIDWORKS can be used.
  • Network with your peers.
  • Share experiences and technical presentations to help provide you and your company with valuable, real-world techniques and methodologies.
  • Give-away’s, food, and refreshments usually provided for each meeting.

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Wed, Apr 14, 2021 6:30pm PT
April SOLIDWORKS User Group Meeting

6:30 Greet and Meet
7:00 Welcome and news
7:10 General questions
7:20 Featured Feature (quick discussion about a SW feature)
7:30 Featured Presentation "To toolbox or not to toolbox, that is the question"
Garrett and Brandon discuss a SOLIDWORKS feature that has sparked fierce debate over the years, the Toolbox. We will take a serious look at some of the unknown benefits of the toolbox and how it can be properly implemented. We will also discuss assembly performance, simulation, and data management.
By Garrett Klein of Hawk Ridge Systems

8:15 altaites to tool box and ramifications.
Robert of ONeill Design

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Wed, Apr 14, 2021 6:30pm ET
Top SOLIDWORKS Enhancements over the past 10 years

Are you using the newest version of SOLIDWORKS as it is intended to be used? Or are you using the newest version as if it were still an old version?
Over the last decade SOLIDWORKS software has added thousands of pieces of new functionality. There are so many awesome features added every year it can be overwhelming trying to integrate all of them into your modeling techniques. We often get too comfortable using tools a certain way even if it means a loss of productivity. In this tips and tricks presentation we will highlight some of the coolest SOLIDWORKS enhancements over the last decade and make sure you are taking advantage of them. We will also examine some of those tiny check boxes in a feature’s property manager and the powerful options they provide. This presentation will provide tips, tricks, and reminders on how to use SOLIDWORKS most efficiently.

Presenter: David Janicki, Elite Application Engineer, Computer Aided Technology

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Wed, Apr 28, 2021 6pm MT
Please join us for our next meeting on April 28! 


  • Drawings & GD&T Tips and Tricks
  • SOLIDWORKS Patterns, Performance and Printing

    • Working with Large Patterns.
      • Pattern driven component pattern.
      • Mirror components Property Manager
      • 2020
    • Performance: Quality & Reliability
      • Reveals 3 Year Performance Plan
    • Design Intent for 3D Printing
      • Drafted & non drafted hole
      • Chamfer at the top stabilize it
      • Why do you pause twice?
      • Japanese wood joiners
      • Circular hex press fit
      • Brass press inserts
    • Q & A – Open Discussion

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Wed, Apr 28, 2021 6pm CT
Toby’s SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks 2021
Each year SOLIDWORKS adds more and more great functionality for all the users to save time and create better products. In this 40 minute presentation, Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert Toby Schnaars will share some of his favorite time saving features found throughout SOLIDWORKS.

Speaker BIO
Toby Schnaars (twitter @TooTallToby) began using the SOLIDWORKS '98+ software in October of 1998. He began working for a Philadelphia based SOLIDWORKS reseller as an instructor and tech support engineer in 2001. He has fielded over 10,000 tech support cases and has instructed over 200 SOLIDWORKS training classes. Toby recently joined the team at DASSAULT SYSTEMES, where he provides support and advisement for the 3DEXPERIENCE and SOLIDWORKS reseller and user community.
Toby posts videos of SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks on youtube regularly, and these videos have gained over 500,000 views.
His most recent content can be found at
MARISUG, LVSUG, South Central New Jersey Users Group, ESSWUG

User Group Name
Birmingham, AL Central Alabama SWUG Joel Gilbert
Huntsville, AL North Alabama SWUG Ricky Jordan   or   Brian McElyea
Tucson, AZ Tucson SOLIDWORKS User Group Bill Schoening   or   Neil Mills
Bakersfield, CA Kern County SWUG Mathew Stevenson
Fountain Valley, CA Orange County SWUG Gabriel Corbett
Fresno, CA Fresno SWUG Jose Saldana
Mountain View, CA California Tech Hub SWUG Edward Gilbert
Oakland, CA Laney College SWUG Elise Moss
Sacramento, CA Sacramento SWUG Tom Davis
San Diego, CA San Diego SWUG Phil Sluder
Sunnnyvale, CA Silicon Valley SWUG Brian Titus
West Covina, CA Mount San Antonio SWUG Rhiannon Britney
Panama City Beach, FL Panama City Beach SWUG Kendra Wardlow
Boise, ID Treasure Valley SolidWorks User Group Ryan Okelberry, P.E.   or   Blake Young
Elkhart, IN Northern Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group Peggy Frantz   or   Dennis Ralston
Indianapolis, IN Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group Michael Bridges   or   Bill Fletcher
Wichita, KS South Central Kansas SOLIDWORKS User Group Eric Spurgeon
Lafayette, LA Lafayette SWUG Steve Andrepont
New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA New Orleans/Baton Rouge SWUG Bobby Moore or Joe Rowsey
Holland, MI West Michigan Lakeshore SOLIDWORKS User Group Jake Vlietstra   or   Michael Falik
Monroe, MI Southeast Michigan/Northwest Ohio SOLIDWORKS User Group Dean R. Kerste, Ph.D., CSWE   or   Mike Reaume
Rochester Hills, MI Eastern Michigan SOLIDWORKS User Group Dan Bovinich
Duncan, OK Red River SWUG Lee Brown
Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City SWUG John Watkins
Tulsa, OK Tulsa SWUG Patrick O’Hern
Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga SWUG Nicole Walden
Nashville, TN Music City SWUG Rudy Ottway
Austin, TX Central Texas SWUG Steve Calvert
Corpus Christi, TX Corpus Christi SWUG Shane Vest
Houston, TX Houston SWUG Joe Lance or Lanny Kwan
Richardson, TX North Texas SWUG Thomas Allsup
San Antonio, TX San Antonio SWUG James Lowery
Salt Lake City, UT Northern Utah SWUG Chad Clarke



Don’t see a SWUGN listed near you? Visit   here   for more locations.

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