SOLIDWORKS User Groups are a valuable resource to all members of the SOLIDWORKS community.

  • Learn more about SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS related products.
  • Better educate yourself on how SOLIDWORKS can be used.
  • Network with your peers.
  • Share experiences and technical presentations to help provide you and your company with valuable, real-world techniques and methodologies.
  • Give-away’s, food, and refreshments usually provided for each meeting.


User Group Name


Fresno, CA Fresno SWUG Jose Saldana
Fountain Valley, CA Orange County SWUG Gabriel Corbett
San Diego, CA San Diego SWUG Phil Sluder
Oakland, CA Laney College SWUG Elise Moss
West Covina, CA Mount San Antonio SWUG Rhiannon Britney
Bakersfield, CA Kern County SWUG Mathew Stevenson
Sacramento, CA Sacramento SWUG Tom Davis
Sunnnyvale, CA Silicon Valley SWUG Brian Titus
Mountain View, CA California Tech Hub SWUG Edward Gilbert
Salt Lake City, UT Northern Utah SWUG Chad Clarke
Boise, ID Treasure Valley SolidWorks User Group Ryan Okelberry, P.E. or Blake Young
Austin, TX Central Texas SWUG Steve Calvert
Corpus Christi, TX Corpus Christi SWUG Shane Vest
Houston, TX Houston SWUG Joe Lance or Lanny Kwan
Richardson, TX North Texas SWUG Thomas Allsup
San Antonio, TX San Antonio SWUG James Lowery
Duncan, OK Red River SWUG Lee Brown
Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City SWUG John Watkins
Tulsa, OK Tulsa SWUG Patrick O’Hern
Lafayette, LA Lafayette SWUG Steve Andrepont
New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA New Orleans/Baton Rouge SWUG Bobby Moore or Joe Rowsey


Don’t see a SWUGN listed near you? Visit here for more locations.