CATIA V5: Product Design Expert

Learn how to optimally use CATIA when working with large and complex designs




    PREREQUISITES:  CATIA V5 Fundamentals.

    DESCRIPTION:  This course will teach you how to design parts in the context of a complex product structure using collaborative engineering methods. You will learn how to optimally use CATIA when working with large and complex designs. You will also learn how to generate annotations and bills of material for your assembly drawings.

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    CATIA V5: Product Design Expert


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    Lesson 1: 
    Managing a Product Structure

    • Learn how to manage links between various components of a product. You will also learn how to convert a product into a part. 

    Lesson 2: 
    Designing and Managing Contextual Parts

    • Learn how to create a part in context using the external geometrical elements of other parts. You will also learn how to apply assembly features to several parts of an assembly. 

    Lesson 3: 
    Creating and Using Published Geometry

    • Learn how to publish geometrical elements. You will also learn how to use these published elements to create assembly constraints and parts in context. 

    Lesson 4: 
    Introduction to Flexible Sub-Assembly

    • Learn how to create Flexible Sub-Assemblies. You will also learn how to modify the position of a sub-assembly without affecting its reference product. 

    Lesson 5: 
    Working with Large Assemblies

    • Learn how to manage large assemblies. You will learn how to deactivate representations, selective loading and the visualization mode. 

    Lesson 6: 
    Analyzing Assemblies to Prepare a Drawing

    • Learn how to analyze assemblies. You will see how to measure the distance between components, create sections and compute clashes. 

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