Specialized simulation tools to predict the cool, flow, pack and warp phases of the injection molding process


  • CLASSROOM LENGTH:  2  days


PREREQUISITES: SOLIDWORKS Essentials and a fundamental knowledge of plastic materials, plastic part design, and/or injection mold design.

DESCRIPTION: This course teaches you how to use specialized simulation software tools to predict the cool, flow, pack, and warp phases of the injection molding process. This course covers all the features and functions of SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional, SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium, and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Advanced.

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Lesson 1: 

  • Stages in the Process 
  • Injection Process
  • Element Types 
  • Boundary Conditions 
  • Injection Location 
  • Create Mesh 
  • The PlasticsManager Tree 
  • Material 
  • Running A Flow Analysis 
  • Batch Manager 
  • Flow Results 

Lesson 2: 
Detecting a Short Shot

  • Stages in the Process 
  • Fill Settings 
  • Flow Front Central Temperature 
  • Configurations 

Lesson 3: 
Automation Tools

  • Stages in the Process 
  • Duplicate Study 
  • Copying Settings 
  • Batch Manager 

Lesson 4: 
Injection Locations and Sink MarKS 

  • Stages in the Process 
  • Injection Location Rules 
  • Sink Marks 

Lesson 5: 

  • Material Properties 
  • Stages in the Process
  • User-Defined Database 
  • Resin Properties 
  • Temperature Properties 
  • Heat Transfer Properties 
  • Viscosity
  • PVT Sata 
  • Mechanical Properties 

Lesson 6: 
Mesh Manipulation 

  • Stages in the Process
  • Local Mesh Refinement 
  • Edit/Review Mesh 
  • Element Issues 
  • Leader Lines 
  • Edit Study 
  • Solid Mesh 
  • Solid Mesh Size 

Lesson 7: 
Detecting Air Traps

  • Air Traps 
  • Venting

Lesson 8: 
Gate Blush

  • Runner Elements 
  • Shear Stress 
  • Reducing Gate Blush 

Lesson 9: 
Packing and Cooling Times

  • Flow/Pack Switch 
  • Pack Analysis 
  • Pack Results 
  • X-Y Plot 
  • Clipping Plane Mode 
  • Isosurface Mode 
  • Cooling Times 

Lesson 10:  
Multiple Cavity Molds

  • Mold Layouts 
  • Runner System 
  • Runner Channel Design 
  • Clamping Force 
  • Runner Wizard Channel Design 
  • Family Mold Layout 
  • Using Runner-Balancing 

Lesson 11: 
Symmetry Analysis

  • Case Study1: Runner Design 
  • Symmetrical Runner 
  • Case Study2: Symmetry Face 
  • Symmetry Face 
  • Exercise 13: Half Symmetry 

Lesson 12: 
Valve Gates and Hot Runners

  • Hot Runners  
  • Valve Gates 
  • Control Valve 

Lesson 13: 
Reaction Injection Molding

  • Reaction Injection Molding 

Lesson 14:  
Using Inserts

  • Cavities and Inserts 
  • Materials for Inserts 

Lesson 15: 
Multi Shot Mold

  • Multi Shot Mold 
  • Domain Order 

Lesson 16: 
Gas Assistance Molding

  • Gas Assist 
  • Material Selection 

Lesson 17: 
Cooling Analysis

  • Cooling Channels and Mold Bodies
  • Baffle
  • Bubbler
  • Cooling Simulations 
  • Coolant
  • Mold
  • Cool Settings 
  • Cool Analysis 
  • Cool Results

Lesson 18:  
Warpage Analysis

  • Shrinkage 
  • Warpage
  • Warp Settings 
  • Warp Results 
  • Reducing and Fixing Warped Parts 

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