Nicklaus Children's Hospital Improves Surgical Outcomes with 3D Printing

Dr. Robert Hannon sat down with us to talk about how Nicklaus Children's Hospital has been using 3D printing for nearly a decade in medicine. By looking at the industry and finding ways to apply technology in imaginative methods, they're able to change how they plan surgeries, explain procedures, and diagnose patients.

Nicklaus Children's has multiple printers in their arsenal, each filling a specific need. The Stratasys J750, equipped with the digital anatomy module lets their doctors practice on a model of their patient that feels and reacts similarly to human flesh. This allows them to practice and understand procedures like never before.

The second printer, the Stratasys J5 MediJet, lets them print a hard model for visualization and detailed understanding of the patient's anatomy. By having both, they can maximize their workforce and reduce the need to switch materials between printers.