SOLIDWORKS Visualize - GPU vs CPU Render Compared

In this video, we talk about all the different options in SOLIDWORKS for GPU's and SOLIDWORKS Visualize. NVIDIA has three GPU’s options currently, the RTX a6000, a5000, and a4000. Since NVIDIA has retired the Quadro name, the new designation for workstation GPU's is now simply RTX a series. This differentiates the gaming GPU's from workstation GPU's, the professional graphics cards. Today we will dive into a video of SOLIDWORKS Visualize using NVIDIA's latest GPU, the RTX a6000. We will discuss graphics card buying options, graphics cards in SOLIDWORKS CAD, and talk about some interesting findings when comparing GPU vs CPU render times. This video is brought to you by Adam Hughes and GoEngineer. Be sure to like and subscribe to see more great relevant content.

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