by Amee Meghani

A traffic problem

Traffic – the bane of our existence.  It is the reason some people choose against working in the city or working in any urban environment, if they can.  Traffic can turn a great mood into a sour one.  Think of that one day that you actually got out of the door ahead of time, and while you celebrate your small sparkle of time-management success, traffic finds a way to vomit all over that.

The worst part of traffic is when you work in downtown, and you live in downtown, it still takes you 30 minutes to get to work. #ButWhy

With urban living, work isn’t exactly walking distance, but buses, taxis, and ubers aren’t the solution either.  There’s a cost there, in terms of time, or dollars.  Modern-day transport options haven’t solved this issue.

Scoot Over

Along came the electric scooter movement, a perfect solution to the 1 to 3 mile commute distance.   Before you could blink, there were electric rental scooters kicking back on every corner, around every turn.  Passengers are dropping $2 to $6 per ride and in the midst of all of this hype, the URB-E is born.  The futuristic URB-E electric scooter bends all of the rules in all of the right ways.  The URB-E is daring, tech-forward, and smart.  In a time where designs are leaning with soft lines and silhouettes, ergonomic and inviting, complex and even feminine, the URB-E boasts a boxy physique lacking visual complexity, yet it fascinates.

Meet Sven…and preferably, talk like him too

Sven Etzelsberger, URB-E’s Chief Technology Officer, leads us through the design and development of the URB-E electric vehicle, using the SOLIDWORKS platform.

“One of the things I realized is that it does not take a 3,000 lb vehicle to move a 180 lb body.”

So, can I just talk like Sven for, say, a day?  Everyone would believe everything I say.  Sven can say ‘2+2=1’ and we would say, “Yes, Sven.  Yes.”

You can see that their product development workflow is seamless and they are able to progress quickly.

“What attracted me to SOLIDWORKS is that it allows us to keep a lot of the auxiliary data all contained in a single assembly: our FEA simulation, our part design, our drawings, our CAM parts…in a single assembly”

Sven explains that they were easily able to create a newer model and change manufacturing processes rather quickly by using SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal, thus creating a product at a lower price point, making it more affordable and broadening their target prospects.

What makes URB-E “the one”?

  • The URB-E is not just any electric scooter. It’s intended for ownership and permanence, as opposed to a short courtship like the rental ones.
  • Low-maintenance, high-grade materials.
  • It’s foldable/collapsible with an integrated handle for carrying when needed. This makes it easy for hybrid transport, such as traveling to the subway station, getting on, getting off.    The URB-E stays with you through good times and bad, for better or worse, in sickness and in health.
  • This is no one-night stand. You sit.
  • It has character and personality. You can personalize your URB-E by color sleeves and an array of accessories, depending on your need.  A bell?  A basket?  Beverage holder?
  • It’s reliable. Designed in SOLIDWORKS, evaluated in SOLIDWORKS CAM, proven in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, URB-E is a design I trust.

SOLIDWORKS and URB-E are a perfect match.  SOLIDWORKS isn’t going anywhere, while URB-E takes you everywhere.

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