How to Add Custom Properties to SOLIDWORKS Inspection Projects

Article by Matthew Kusz on Sep 06, 2022

In this tutorial, learn the steps required to add Custom Properties to a SOLIDWORKS Inspection project. In order for this information to show in the exported Excel report from the project file, we need to add the Custom Property to the project and link that property to the Excel template file being used to export the information from SOLIDWORKS Inspection.  

Here is the current SOLIDWORKS Inspection project.

Example of a SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project

The property we need to add is the Job Number. To do this, we will rename a cell in the Custom Properties section of the Project Properties window. 

Rename SOLIDWORKS Inspection Custom Properties Name

Scroll down to find an unused field that shows -NONE- and rename it to "JOB#". In the same row, in the cell to the right under the Value column, enter the job number "123456". 

Renamed Custom Properties in SOLIDWORKS Inspection

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Save Properties Preferences

Note: You must click on the green check (OK). Otherwise, these changes won't be added to the Project Properties tokens discussed in the next step. 

Next, we'll amend the Excel template file to have SOLIDWORKS Inspection export the "JOB#" Custom Property into the Excel report. After opening the Template Editor from the File menu, we can find this new Custom Property we created (listed as a Project Property token) and insert that token into a cell. 

Template Editor Option in SOLIDWORKS Excel

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Custom Property Created in Custom Property Token

Edit a First Article Inspection Report in Microsoft Excel

Insert SOLIDWORKS Inspection Template Editor in Excel

We can rename the header of this cell to match the information being inserted.

Save SOLIDWORKS Inspection Template in Excel

Now save the Excel template report as a new template.

Save New SOLIDWORKS Inspection Template Name in Microsoft Excel

Back in SOLIDWORKS Inspection, use the + sign to add the template to the list to use it.

Add New SOLIDWORKS Inspection Template

Now, when the report is exported to Excel, it includes the Job# Property in the Excel report.

Export SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project Into Excel Template

Export Template in SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Add Custom Properties in SOLIDWORKS Inspection Projects

GoEngineer YouTube Video SOLIDWORKS Quick Tip - Adding Custom Properties to Projects Want to learn more? Check out this YouTube video demonstrating these tips, tricks, and best practices.

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