SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022: File Types, Smart Extract, and More

Article by GoEngineer on Jan 19, 2022

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022



No matter the manufacturing process used to produce parts, it’s essential to monitor and verify part geometries to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your products. Here we'll see how   SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 helps with this process. 

Added 3D File Types

SOLIDWORKS Inspection standalone has traditionally used PDFs or high-quality image files as the document of choice. But continued support for 3D file types has increased over the years. 2022 adds support for NX files and native SOLIDWORKS 2D drawings.  

Smart Extract Tool

Upon opening a native SOLIDWORKS drawing, use the convenient Smart Extract tool to extract properties directly into the Bill of Characteristics. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 Smart Extract Tool

With a single click, Smart Extract also pulls apart the GD&T control frame (shown below), complete with the position, precision, and the datum services. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 Position Precision and Datum Service  

As Smart Extract continues, a wealth of data is extracted into the Bill of Characteristics with each click. (A huge improvement over window selection) 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 will also break apart multiple dimensional callouts into individual characteristics.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 Bill of Characteristics

Extracting more characteristics is just a matter of clicking each one - no manual data entry required. 

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022

What if you wanted to add data from a SOLIDWORKS Part File directly? SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 supports the full SOLIDWORKS native part file and will add it to your project as a simple additional tab. 

Using Native SOLIDWORKS Files in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022

The extraction process is identical through single clicks or window selections, and it will simply balloon directly on the PMI data or the 3D part. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 Using Native CAD File

SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Support

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 now fully supports SOLIDWORKS Assemblies so you can further ensure the proper form, fit, and function of your assembled items. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 Assemblies Support

Now a complete Inspection Report is just a “File > Save As” away. Full build characteristics and first article inspection in a single document, and even 2D and 3D PDFs so that anybody with a computer can visualize the data.

Full Inspection Report Options in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-in

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is also available integrated directly into the SOLIDWORKS user interface and, new for SOLIDWORKS 2022, is full application programming interface support that enables customers to further customize their individual experience and tailor the software to work more the way their company currently does business. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-in

With new visualization and file type support, now is a great time to revisit your quality assurance process.   

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