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The SOLIDWORKS Rx log includes information like machine specs, registry information, event logs, a video recording of you recreating the behavior, and a Pack & Go of the affected files. This article includes the instructions for running a SOLIDWORKS Rx problem capture in SOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS Electrical, and SOLIDWORKS Composer. (It can also capture behavior in File Explorer, eDrawings, and Visualize, which we'll also cover.) 


SOLIDWORKS Composer Apr 12, 2023

It might come as a surprise to find out that you do not need to have SOLIDWORKS installed to import .sldprt or .sldasm files into SOLIDWORKS Composer. This is done by utilizing the SOLIDWORKS Translator in conjunction with Composer. The following sections will show how to find if a SOLIDWORKS Importer/Translator is installed, if not, how to install it, and how to uninstall it. 


If SOLIDWORKS suddenly starts acting strangely, many of us will reboot our machine only to find that the behavior is still present. The reason this behavior persists may be due to the use of the “Fast Startup” functionality in Windows 10/11. Many Windows 10 machines have a Fast Startup option that is turned on by default. Fast Startup is incorporated when you shut down your machine and acts as a hybrid between a shutdown and hibernation.