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PCB Design Apr 16, 2024

The Cadence License Server is a key component of Cadence Design Systems software setup, designed to oversee the distribution of software licenses across a network. Think of it as the heart of the operation, ensuring every user who needs to run Cadence's software tools can do so without stepping on each other's toes. It makes certain that the total number of users at any given time doesn't surpass the licenses your organization has. 

PCB Design Feb 13, 2024

Electromechanical product development is about to get easier and faster than ever, thanks to the innovative strategic partnership between Cadence and Dassault Systèmes. These two global leaders in PCB and mechanical design software have been working closely together to integrate their best-in-class tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE product development platform.

OrCAD X Oct 24, 2023

OrCAD X has officially launched, and GoEngineer is proud to offer this latest PCB design solution from Cadence. OrCAD X is an excellent choice for PCB design at SOLIDWORKS companies thanks to MCADX, Cadence’s ECAD-MCAD collaboration tool.

PCB Design Oct 05, 2020

It is recommended before moving or upgrading SOLIDWORKS PCB Services that a backup of the PCB Services repositories database is created. This articles explains how to create a backup of the SOLIDWORKS PCB services repositories database. This backup can then be used to restore PCB services or move it to a new server location.

PCB Design Mar 25, 2020

If you want to make your own schematic symbols for your schematic drawings and 2D/3D footprints for the PCB. Where do you start? Find out here.

PCB Design Dec 30, 2019

Installing SOLIDWORKS PCB with PCB Services, the key to collaborative features in SOLIDWORKS PCB, SOLIDWORKS PCB Add-In, and the PCB Connector for Altium.

PCB Design Mar 13, 2018
Prior to the installation of SOLIDWORKS PCB, SOLIDWORKS PCB Services also needs to be installed. The setup of PCB services can be confusing for some users. This document is here to help you understand PCB services.
PCB Design Oct 07, 2016

This overview is to help you create documents that conform to your company's ANSI title blocks. SOLIDWORKS PCB has a few basic templates that for some companies or users are good enough. However, if you are one of the majority of companies that have standardized on ANSI title blocks this will help with uniformity between your electrical and mechanical documents. Here are the steps to create your custom template.