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SOLIDWORKS Manage Jun 21, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Manage gives us greater flexibility than we’ve known with just PDM in terms of exporting data. One place where this is visible is in the ability of Manage to export record data to XML. In this article, we explore exporting data from a single record as XML from SOLIDWORKS Manage.


SOLIDWORKS Manage Sep 13, 2021

SOLIDWORKS Manage can pull information from sources other than PDM. We’ll explore importing records from an SQL database from one table and updating the information from another. To start the process, create a link to an additional database. To do this, open the System Administration in SOLIDWORKS Manage and go to Data Sources.


SOLIDWORKS Manage Sep 03, 2021

SOLIDWORKS Manage and SOLIDWORKS PDM were made to get along and work together. To do this, a PDM add-in must be installed. The process for this is fairly simple but worth noting some steps that will be specific to every install. The PDM add-in doesn’t come in a convenient package for us to drag and drop into the vault. 


SOLIDWORKS Manage Aug 25, 2021

Creating records for files in SOLIDWORKS Manage can be tedious if there is a large number of files. Here we’ll explore importing files as records and attaching files to other records as related files. A hidden gem in SOLIDWORKS Manage is the Files and Excel Importer tool. This tool resides in the Manage Client installation folder under the name swm.excelimportwizard.exe.