Changing the Default File View in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by GoEngineer on Oct 15, 2018

When accessing SOLIDWORKS PDM through Windows Explorer different views can be used. The Details view is probably one of the more helpful views. However, it can become bothersome to have to select this view every time you change folders. Setting Details as the default view can alleviate this small frustration. This can be done using the Windows Folder setting by following these steps:


First, open the local view of the vault and go to the root level.

SOLIDWORKS PDM local vault view

Select the detail view in the toolbar.

Detail view solidworks pdm

Then from the Organize pull-down menu, choose Change Folder and Search options.

Change default file view solidworks pdm

Go to the View tab and select Apply to Folders.

View Tab Apply all folders

Click Yes. You can click OK to close the folder options box. This will set the detail views as the default view for all the folders and making it easy to get all the information you are looking for.


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