Creating a Multi-Sheet Drawing Template in SOLIDWORKS

Article by GoEngineer on Nov 03, 2022

In many cases, it is desirable to have a SOLIDWORKS Drawing Template with one Sheet Format for the first page and another Sheet Format for all additional sheets added to the drawing. To accomplish this, one must take advantage of the fact that the Drawing Template brings in the first sheet’s Sheet Format without looking up the .slddrt format file referenced by that template. 

For this example the format for Sheet 1 will be called “Format A.slddrt” and the format for Sheet 2 will be called “Format B.slddrt”. Both of these Sheet format files are saved in a folder called “Templatefolder”. 

Format A SOLIDWORKS Sheet Format


Creating Mult-Sheet Drawing Templates in SOLIWORKS

creating multi-sheet drawing template solidworks

Step 1.) In Windows Explorer, move “Format B.slddrt” to a location outside of “Templatefolder” such as the Desktop. 

template folder solidworks

Step 2.) Rename “Format A.slddrt” to “Format B.slddrt” and keep it in “Templatefolder”.

rename format folder solidworks

Step 3.) Start a new drawing in SOLIDWORKS, right-click Sheet1, and pick “Properties”. Change the Sheet Format to “Format B.slddrt” from the “Templatefolder” folder. Note that this is the sheet 1 format at this time. 

sheet formats solidworks

Step 4.) Save the Document Template (Do not add a second sheet). Go to File > Save As, change the type to “Drawing Templates (.drwdot)”, give it a name like “MultisheetDrawing”.

Step 5.) In Windows Explorer, rename “Format B.slddrt” in “Templatefolder” (the original sheet 1 format) back to “Format A.slddrt”.

how to rename multi-sheet drawings

Step 6.) Bring “Format B.slddrt” back from the desktop and place it in “Templatefolder”. 

template folder desktop solidworks

Step 7) Test. Open a new drawing using the “MultisheetDrawing” template. It will originally have just a single sheet with the original sheet 1 format. Click ‘Add Sheet’. The second sheet format will come in. Every additional sheet will also have the “Format B” second sheet format.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in October 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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