Installing the PDM Client (Without SOLIDWORKS)

Article by GoEngineer on Sep 11, 2017

Beginning in 2016, PDM installation files were included in the SOLIDWORKS installation download. This simplifies the process by requiring just one download, enabling the user to choose which product(s) to install. Each application is added by checking the box next to the product name.

This guide will walk you through the process of installing the PDM Client.

Before You Begin

The client and the server installation must be of the same version for them to be compatible. You can check this by logging into the server and opening the PDM Administration Tool. Click the Help dropdown menu located at the top in the Administration Tool. Select About SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration… to display version information. Reference the first two digits of either the Client version or Build number which represents the version year and the PDM version type i.e. Standard or Professional; CAD editor, contributor, or viewer. Install this same version for the PDM Client.

Prior to 2017, the Service Pack needed to match. For 2017 and beyond this is not a requisite anymore; different Service Packs are compatible.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration

The Client version is the PDM Admin Tool; this is what you want to see for server info

Installing from a link/email?

You can obtain the installation files here.

After the download completes, extract the files to a known folder location before running the installation (run “setup.exe” in the root of the extracted folder). Please utilize 7-Zip for the extraction process to avoid installation issues; otherwise, the default WinZip utility will flag the installation files as malicious during extraction and disrupt your ability to install.

Check System Requirements

Ensure your machine is within the specified requirements.

Graphics Card Drivers



  • Open the installation files > Scroll down to exe. Right-click and select Run as administrator.
Run As Administrator
  • Select Individual (on this computer) and click Next
SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Select Individual
  • In the Serial Number window input your serial number
SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Serial Number Window
  • In the Summary window select Change
SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Summary Window
  • In the Product Selection window check the boxes corresponding to SOLIDWORKS PDM Client and eDrawings.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Product Selection

Note: Selecting eDrawings only installs components necessary for the PDM browser to work. The software, eDrawings, must be installed separately.

  • Back in the Summary window select Change under SOLIDWORKS PDM Options and select the options that apply to your installation

Note: The Add-ins selection is optional. If you are using a PDM CAD editor client type you will most likely need to install the SolidWorks Add-in (as well as SOLIDWORKS). However, these are not necessary if you are using a PDM Contributor or Viewer client types. Consult with your PDM administrator to understand which add-in will be needed for your specific installation.

  • Go back to the Summary window. Select the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions and continue with the installation.

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