SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks to Modify Your BOM

Article by GoEngineer on Apr 22, 2017

Tips for adjusting your BOM Height and Width

Create a SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials from your desired view:

  • Hover over your BOM without clicking and then click the arrow plus sign icon in the top left corner as shown in the picture below to highlight all of your BOM.

    Adjusting SOLIDWORKS BOM Height and Width

  • Then, without moving your mouse, right-click and go to Formatting

    Modifying SOLIDWORKS BOM Tips and Tricks

  • The under Formatting, select Entire Table.

    BOM Height and Width SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

  • Then, in the pop-up window change the Column and/or Width to what you want.

    Add BOM Column Width in SOLIDWORKS

  • The result should look similar to this:

    SOLIDWORKS BOM Add Column Width

  • Notice that all the cells were adjusted to what was input.
  • Also, notice the Part Name is not centered (See next Section).

Adjusting the Text in your BOM

  • This is what the BOM looks like right now:

    Adjusting Text in SOLIDWORKS BOM

  • Next, hover over the BOM with your mouse and then single left click on the arrow plus sign icon.

    Adjusting Text in SOLIDWORKS BOM Tutorial

  • A text dialog box will appear, just like in Word.

    SOLIDWORKS BOM Text Dialog Box

  • You can justify the text in all cells or individually. SOLIDWORKS BOM Modify Text in all Cells
  • You can rotate your text. Rotate Text in SOLIDWORKS BOM
  • You can fit your text. Fit Your Text SOLIDWORKS BOM
  • You can hide/show your BOM Columns or Rows. Show SOLIDWORKS BOM Columns or Rows
  • You can place the Header on top or the bottom of the BOM. Place Header on Top or Bottom SOLIDWORKS BOM
  • You can change your font type, size, etc.  Change Font Size for SOLIDWORKS BOM With the font icon selected it will show the following:
    Change Font for SOLIDWORKS BOM

Inserting last-minute changes on the fly

  • Let’s say you needed to change the Quantity Column to Units of Measure. To do that hover over the BOM with your mouse and double-click on cell A shown below.

    Making Changes to SOLIDWORKS BOM

  • A Column Type dialog Box will appear with a pull-down menu:

    Make BOM Changes in SOLIDWORKS

  • Use the pull-down menu and select Unit of Measure.

    SOLIDWORKS BOM Unit of Measure

  • Notice that where Item No use to be displayed is now Unit.

    Display Unit Number for SOLIDWORKS BOM

  • But notice that the cell below is not filled to correct this, right-click on the cell below Unit in the BOM and go to Edit multiple property values as shown below (Make sure that the cell you need to be changed is selected):

    Edit Multiple Property Values for SOLIDWORKS BOMs

  • The Edit multiple property values dialog box will appear: Edit multiple property values.

    Edit Unit of Measure SOLIDWORKS BOM

  • Type in Inches and select OK:

    SOLIDWORKS BOM Edit Unit of Measure

  • Notice that it shows inches in the cell now, just click outside of the BOM to see the finished BOM.

    Modifying SOLIDWORKS BOM

  • Also, notice that the cell is linked to the part. You can check this by double-clicking on that cell and a pop-up window will appear as shown. (It is suggested not to have unlinked Cells in BOMs as a norm, but there are some exceptions).

    Cell Value Linked to Property External Model SOLIDWORKS Warning

These are just some SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks for editing BOMS. Check out more tutorials below. 


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