Always Show SOLIDWORKS PDM Icon (Blueberry)

Article by Rodolfo Gutierrez on Feb 13, 2023

When setting up a PDM on a client, the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon, colloquially known as the PDM Blueberry icon, is automatically placed as a hidden icon in the Windows taskbar notification area. (Figure 1)

SOLIDWORKS PDM Icon Hidden in System Tray

Figure 1: Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area

Moving the SOLIDWORKS PDM Blueberry icon to the Windows taskbar notification area, (Figure 2) will allow you quicker access to:

  • The SOLIDWORKS PDM help menu
  • The SOLIDWORKS PDM Notification Inbox
  • Log in and off your vault(s)
  • Leave a Presence note to let other users know what you are up to
  • The Task Host Configuration

SOLIDWORKS PDM Blueberry Icon Options

Figure 2: Options in the PDM Blueberry icon

Note: Even after logging off of SOLIDWORKS PDM, the icon will remain present. The only way make it go away is by exiting SOLIDWORKS PDM.

To move the PDM Blueberry icon out of the hidden icons tray:

  1. Click the ^ icon in your Windows taskbar to show the hidden icons.
  2. Click and hold the icon from the tray and drag the icon out. (Figure 3)

    Remove SOLIDWORKS Blueberry Icon from Hidden Icons Tray

    Figure 3: Click and drag the icon out of the hidden icons tray

  3. Release the left mouse button.

Once the icon has been placed on the notification area, you can easily move it around by clicking and dragging it.

I hope you found this quick tip helpful. Check out more SOLIDWORKS PDM tutorials listed below.


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