SOLIDWORKS 2024 STEP File Import Filter

Article by Cole McLeod on Oct 19, 2023

SOLIDWORKS 2024 offers productivity enhancements to STEP file import. When importing an assembly, users are given the opportunity to Enable Filter.

Enable Filter STEP Files SOLIDWORKS 2024

Using this option will provide the user with a complete assembly component tree prior to importing all STEP geometry. Users can then choose desired components from the list. 

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Import STEP Geometry

With a component selected, a geometry preview can be generated.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Generate 3D Preview

SOLIDWORKS 2024 STEP File Import Filters

Once satisfied, the final component can be individually imported into a single part file.

Import Model SOLIDWORKS 2024 STEP File Enhancements

STEP File Import Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2024

This is an excellent enhancement to improve productivity when working with large assembly file imports when only select components are needed!

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