SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard: How to Static Ports in SQL Express

Article by Miguel de Villa on May 12, 2015

This article outlines the steps on how to switch a named instance of SQL Express from the default dynamic ports to static port 1433 as outlined in S-051981. When an SQL Express server communicates over a dynamic port, it is allocated a free port number by the operating system rather than communicating exclusively over a specified port, also known as a static port. As a result, even when the appropriate firewall exemptions as seen below have been made for port 1433, client machines are unable to communicate with the server as the server is trying to listen over a blocked port.

Generally, it’s best practice to make the following Inbound/Outbound rules in the firewall to ensure connectivity between SOLIDWORKS PDM server components and PDM client machines.

  • TCP inbound: 25734-25735, 3030,1433, 1434
  • UDP inbound: 25734-25735, 3030, 1433, 1434
  • TCP outbound: 25734-25735, 3030, 1433, 1434
  • UDP outbound: 25734-25735, 3030, 1433, 1434

Setting up Static Ports

Example Instance Name: (STD_Express)

  1. Open the SQL Server 2014 ConfigurationManager

    SQL Server 2014 ConfigurationManager

    Start Menu > Microsoft SQL Server 2014 > SQL Server 2014 ConfigurationManager.

  2. Open the TCP/IP protocol for the named SQL Instance the vault is using.

    SQL Server Network Configuration

    SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for (Instance Name)> Double-click on TCP/IP.

  3. Switch General Protocol settings to Enabled.

    General Protocol Setting Set as Enabled

  4. Under IP Addresses, we need to make sure that for IP1-IPall we use the following settings: 

    SQL Express TCP Dynamic Ports

    1. TCP Dynamic Ports is cleared (Default value of 0 stands for dynamic ports enabled)
    2. TCP Port is set to 1433
  5. Select Apply and OK.

    Setting Static Ports SOLIDWORKS PDM

    In order to implement these settings, we need to stop restart the PDM Archive and Database server and SQL Server services.

    Stop Restart PDM Archive Database Server Warning

  6. Close the SQL Server 2014 ConfigurationManager.
  7. Open Task Manager > Services > Find the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server service PDM and SOLIDWORKS PDM Database Server service. 

    SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Manager Archive Server Service

    Right-click on each service and hit Stop.

    Stop SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server

  8. Open Task Manager > Services > Find MSSSQL$$Instance_Name

    PDM Standard Setting Static Ports SQL Express

    Right-click the SQL Server > Restart

    Restart SQL Server in SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard

  9. Restart the PDM Archive and Database Services. Right-click on the service > Start.

    Restart SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Database Services

  10. Test accessibility by logging into the vault on the client as normal.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Demo Vault

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