Update Convert Task Add-In (SWTaskAddIn) in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Derrick Franklin on May 29, 2015

When you upgrade a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault to a new service pack or version, existing add-ins do not automatically update to the latest version. This needs to be done manually and is important because if you do not update the add-in, fixes done to the task add-in may not apply to the upgraded vault. In this article, learn how to update the convert task add-in (SWTaskAddIn) in a vault when upgrading to a new version or service pack.

These steps also apply to the “print” task add-in, as they both use the SWTaskAddIn. This ensures that you are running the latest, updated version of the task add-in.

After the vault upgrade, do as follows:

Verify the version of the current task add-in.

  • Right-click the SOLIDWORKS PDM tray icon and go to Task Host Configuration.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Host Configuration

    • Note the version of the task add-in under the Version column.
      • In this example, the version reads 2015051138, which means that the version of this add-in is 2015 SP5.0.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Update Covert Task Add-in

Log into the SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin tool as the ‘Admin’ user.


Go to File>Open, and browse to the location of the Convert_GB.cex file. By default, this is located at C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM\Default Data\.


Load the Convert_GB.cex file by clicking Open.

Drag and drop the SWTaskAddIn to the ‘Add-ins’ node. Select ‘Yes’ to update the existing add-in. *Note – Do not drag and drop the Convert_GB.cex as this will overwrite any existing convert and print tasks you have in your vault.

SWTaskAddIn SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrator

Verify that the updated add-in is loaded via the task host configuration used in the first step.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Update Covert Task Add-in

You have now completed the process of updating the task add-in to the latest version. It is recommended to exit PDM and log in again to ensure the updated add-in is loaded on clients that act as task host.


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