What's New SOLIDWORKS 2024 Structure Systems

Article by Mike Britton on Oct 26, 2023

SOLIDWORKS 2024 introduces some new updates to Structure Systems. 

After creating all primary and secondary members, the Corner Management dialog offers some technical and UI enhancements.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Corner Management Updates

Users can now automatically apply corner grouping at the start of the Corner Management dialog and select a base plane for reference. 

Additionally, is a new set of icons, both here and further into the Corner Management PropertyManager. The improvement in readability is welcome for new and long-time users.

The Simple tab in the Corner Management PropertyManager looks familiar. 

SOLIDWORKS Corner Management Simple Tab

But the Two member tab has a new entry (with a new icon set to match).

SOLIDWORKS Corner Management 2024 Two Member Tab

The new Open Corner option automatically manages what used to be a manual process. Adding in corner connectors, off-the-shelf parts, or custom mounting points is easier and better than ever.

Corner Treatments in SOLIDWORKS 2024

Within SOLIDWORKS 2024 are updates to custom properties. If we examine our Cut-List Properties (or any file properties) we can add unit indicators to assist with readability and to ensure that the proper units are read in all places.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Structure System Cut List Property Updates

By clearing the link from the LENGTH custom property, we can add unit modifiers.

Cut List Properties in SOLIDWORKS 2024 Structure Systems

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2024 Cut List Properties for Structure Systems

If you change your document units, the modifier automatically converts.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Structure System Enhancements to Cut List Properties

These are just some of the hundreds of enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2024. Learn more about what's new below!

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