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When working with SOLIDWORKS assemblies, the Copy with Mates tool can be used when we're inserting several instances of a component using the same mating technique. Copy with Mates allows us to copy a mated component to a new location while bringing the existing mates along with it. Let’s look at a couple of examples of how to get started using this tool.


In this quick tutorial, we explain how to use some of the sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS, specifically the Fold and Unfold tools. First, let’s set up our base flange, being sure to have a fully defined sketch to start. 



When working with SOLIDWORKS drawing views, it is possible to customize them in various ways. Sometimes, it is necessary to label each view to indicate the customizations made. For instance, when a custom scale is used, it is important to indicate this for each view to avoid confusion during manufacturing. Individual view labels can be inserted into each view to automatically pull relevant information such as scale, name, label, delimiter, and angle. Manual view labels can be created as well.


Knowing how sketch relations affect your SOLIDWORKS model helps reduce errors and unwanted results. The two commonly misunderstood relationships are Pierce and Coincident. It can be challenging to know when to use each relationship because they seem to behave the same way in most situations. In this article, we discuss the difference between the two and why Pierce relationships should always be used for features like sweeps and lofts.

SOLIDWORKS has many useful keyboard shortcuts and key bindings to speed up the modeling process and increase efficiency when working in the software. In this blog, learn about 11 CTRL key shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS you can start using today.


The Check Your System message is only supposed to pop up every 10th launch of SOLIDWORKS; however, we have seen reports saying that this happens more often and that the messages pop even though the latest supported graphics driver is installed. Our SOLIDWORKS Technical Support team is often asked, “How do I get rid of these SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor pop-up messages? They keep coming up no matter what I do.”


Selecting entities in SOLIDWORKS is one of the most basic functionalities that all other tools rely on. SOLIDWORKS offers several tools that can help aid users in making quick and accurate selections amongst a virtual sea of geometry.

In SOLIDWORKS, Direct Editing tools provide the flexibility to modify geometry that does not contain model features, such as an imported STEP, Parasolid, or IGES file. In this guide, we will look at some Direct Editing tools such as Move and Delete Face. To turn on the Direct Editing tab, right-click anywhere on the CommandManager, go to Tabs, then select Direct Editing



The SOLIDWORKS Autotrace tool is an add-in that can help users quickly create 3D objects from an imported picture. Access the Autotrace feature by enabling it in Add-Ins.



GoEngineer Community
Join the conversation! Over 8,000 engineers are already on the GoEngineer Community.