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Global variables in SOLIDWORKS are user-defined names that are assigned numeric values. These can be used directly in a dimension or used in an equation. They make it easier to understand and modify equations. For example, in the image below, we want the bottom line to always be twice the thickness of the top portion. When you double click on the dimension for the bottom line, we can add the equation =’D1@Sketch1’*2 with D1@Sketch1 being the .50 dimension.

The SOLIDWORKS error "A newer version of this application is already installed" occurs when installing, repairing, or modifying a version of SOLIDWORKS older than 2021 SP2, when 2021 SP2 or newer is/or has been installed on the machine. This error appears because of a change made in the Visual Basic for Application version 7.1 (VBA 7.1) introduced in 2021 SP2. Older versions of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager do not recognize this new VBA 7.1, and will then try to install its own VBA when a newer one is already present.  


Installations of SOLIDWORKS include a set of routing components with your Design Library. Additional piping Routing content can be downloaded through SOLIDWORKS Content, including parts and assemblies that align with different Standards like ISO and DIN. In SOLIDWORKS, select the Design Library tab of your Task Pane. Expand SOLIDWORKS Content > Routing. In the Routing folder, the additional libraries are grouped by Standard.



Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to have your SOLIDWORKS Drawing fill in the title block automatically? This can be achieved by using Custom Properties from your Part or Assembly Model. In this example, we will have the fields for Material, Finish, and Weight fill in automatically in the Drawing title block. As you can see, the drawing title block is empty with a single drawing view inserted.  

When booting SOLIDWORKS, are you getting the error, "Failed to obtain computer identifier"? This message is coming from SOLIDWORKS’ licensing system, FlexNet. The first time you activate SOLIDWORKS, regardless of the license type (standalone or network), the FlexNet licensing service generates a unique and proprietary computer ID to identify your computer.


The SOLIDWORKS Journal File is one of two log files created as you're running SOLIDWORKS, the other being the Performance Log. The journal file is a text file that contains a record of all the actions you take in a SOLIDWORKS session. It is typically saved in C:\Users\[current user]\AppData\Roaming\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 20XX as swxJRNL.swj. If you check this location, you may also see swxJRNL.BAK. This is the journal file from your previous SOLIDWORKS session. 

Sometimes SOLIDWORKS will get stuck on the Splash Screen saying it is loading the registry. This can be caused by a few different reasons and can be resolved in a few ways as well. In this article, you'll learn three of these solutions for SOLIDWORKS freezing on the Splash SCreen and how to implement them. 

Sometimes there are situations in SOLIDWORKS when we need to balloon components in views that are not completely visible (e.g., all hidden lines). What then? When using the Auto-Balloon feature in SOLIDWORKS Drawings there is a limitation on what the feature can see in the SOLIDWORKS Drawing view.


When creating a 2D drawing, it’s common practice to have multiple sheets to clearly define the information needed to manufacture parts and assemblies. As you’re adding additional sheets, you may be prompted with a SOLIDWORKS error message that says, “The sheet format could not be located.”