CST Studio Suite

Microwave & RF/optical, EDA/electronics, EMC/EMI, particle dynamics, and low frequency/static simulation software

Top-end, scalable electromagnetic simulation

Virtual prototyping cuts down on the costs of R&D by shortening the iteration cycle, identifying and addressing design flaws early in development, and bringing parts to market faster.

CST Studio Suite provides fast, accurate, accessible electromagnetic simulation for engineers, designers, and researchers working in many fields, including microwaves, RF & optical, EDA & electronics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), particle dynamics, statics, and low frequencies.

What is CST Studio Suite Simulation Software?

25+ electromagnetic simulation solvers

9 high-frequency, 5 low-frequency, 4 multiphysics, 3 particle dynamics solvers, and 3 EDA & EMC solvers.

Convenient, application-specific modules

Solvers are bundled into CST modules according to purpose, such as CST Microwave Studio, CST EM Studio, CST PCB Studio, CST Particle Studio, CST Cable Studio, and more.

Easily integrate into design workflow

Two-way SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo, Altium, and other connectors.

Includes Opera for advanced low-frequency analysis

A powerful standalone low-frequency electromagnetic, electromechanical, and multiphysics solution.

Extreme compute scalability

Supports high core counts and multi-GPU acceleration for the largest simulations.


The traditional desktop solution for the design, analysis, and optimization of electromagnetic components. Features 25+ solvers, complete on-premise compute capabilties, access to numerous supplemental add-ons, and includes Opera for advanced low-frequency analysis.


CST Studio Suite on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, fully integrated into a cloud data environment for better design integration, collaboration, data access, and extreme cloud compute.

An ENTIRE ARRAY of world-class EM simulation and multi-physics products in ONE.

cst microwave studio icon

3D EM simulation of high frequencies

CST Studio Suite EM Studio Icon

3D EM simulation for statics and low frequencies

CST Studio Suite Particle Studio Icon

Interaction of EM fields with free moving charges

CST Studio Suite Cable Icon

Signal integrity and EMC/EMI analysis of cable harnesses

CST Studio Suite PCB Studio Icon

Signal and power integrity and EMC/EMI analysis of PCBs

CST Studio Suite Boardcheck Icon

Signal integrity and rule-checking of PCB layouts

CST Studio Suite MPhysics Icon

Thermal and mechanical effects of EM fields

CST Studio Suite Design Studio Icon

Circuit simulator, coupling of 3D models, system assembly modeling

CST Studio Suite Robust Preprocessing Icon

Import, generate, and model complex structures with ease

CST Studio Suite Robust Preprocessing Icon

Easily visualize results and process data with VBA/Python/MATLAB

CST Studio Suite CAD Design Features and SOLIDWORKS


Users can construct and edit simulation models using CST Studio Suite’s powerful parametric CAD interface. It supports all major CAD and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) options and then some.

SOLIDWORKS users can enjoy a direct two-way link in their CAD operations. Whatever your software choices, you can expect a smooth transition between workspaces.

CST Studio Suite Materials Feature - Sensor Coil Magnetic Field Lines


EM simulations apply to many substances, including magnetics, photonics, and biological physics, which each display unique characteristics.

CST Studio Suite includes the material models necessary to simulate a wide range of electromagnetic phenomenon, including plasmonic and photonic effects, ferromagnetism, secondary electron emission, and biological heating.

CST Studio Suite Body Models Feature - Human Body MRI

Body Models

An accurate model of the human body is critical to many EM fields, especially in healthcare and life sciences.

CST Studio Suite includes both voxel-based and CAD-based body models with detailed internal structure and realistic EM and thermal properties.

CST Studio Suite Meshing Feature - Interface


The fast, accurate meshing provided by CST Studio Suite offers mesh refinement and automatic adaption to increase mesh quality in key parts of the model.

Proprietary Perfect Boundary Approximation models even the most complex CAD data, even for models with billions of mesh cells.

CST Studio Suite Synthesis Feature - Antenna Magus Screenshot


CST Studio Suite provides users with an array of synthesis tools to automatically build models of potential designs for planar and cavity filters, antennae, antenna arrays, and waveguides.

CST Studio Suite Applications Feature - Farfield Output


CST Studio Suite's huge solver array and co-simulation capabilities make it suitable for a wide variety of applications, including antennas, microwaves & RF, biological EM, optical, EDA/electronics, EMC/EMI, particle dynamics, statics/low frequency, and coupled thermal and structural multiphysics.

CST Studio Suite Accelerated Computing Feature - Powered by NVIDIA

Accelerated Computing

CST Studio Suite scales to the highest-end workstation CPUs, GPUs, and distributing computing setups.

Additionally, a base CST license will support parallelization across all cores of your first two CPU sockets with no additional license purchases necessary.

CST Studio Suite Cloud Computing Feature - 3DEXPERIENCE Electromagnetics

Cloud Computing

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