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What is DraftSight?

DraftSight is a fully-functioned 2D CAD tool for engineers in any discipline. Whether you're doing facility layouts, electrical schematics, or need a 2D CAD tool, DraftSight provides an intuitive solution to fit your needs at a price you can afford.

DraftSight provides endless flexibility. By working seamlessly with traditional 2D CAD formats like DWG and DXF, DraftSight facilitates collaboration by helping you create and modify files that are easy to share with anyone.

DraftSight provides easy integration with powerful data management platforms such as SOLIDWORKS PDM and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. With the flexibility and power of a high-end 2D CAD tool paired with industry-leading data management, DraftSight lets you take your 2D designs to the next dimension.




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DraftSight: Your Go-To 2D CAD Tool

Thursday, Aug 3, 2023 at 12pm PT

Discover how DraftSight can be your go-to, professional-level, 2D CAD drafting tool that everyone needs. We will be debunking and dispelling DraftSight fears and myths you may have heard or read about by presenting all the common features you know and can't live without in your current 2D CAD software. Learn more about DraftSight productivity tools and efficiencies exclusive to DraftSight to make your day easier when using DraftSight to easily transition from AutoCAD.

Learn How DraftSight can Work with Your Existing SOLIDWORKS PDM

Learn How DraftSight Integrates with SOLIDWORKS

Integration with SOLIDWORKS Applications

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard & Professional – DraftSight is fully integrated with your existing SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional vault which provides secure data management and version control of your DraftSight documents.

  • Copy & Paste from DraftSight to SOLIDWORKS – Easily copy and paste from DraftSight into SOLIDWORKS allowing the reuse of existing 2D drawing information to create your sketches in SOLIDWORKS.

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Platform - With 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight, you get the power of high-end PLM with your favorite 2D CAD tool, giving you easy access from anywhere, anytime.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Integration

SOLIDWORKS Electrical users enjoy two distinct advantages when using DraftSight, setting us apart from traditional electrical software in the market. While using SOLIDWORKS Electrical, users can edit or modify symbols using DraftSight with a simple right-click.  Changes made in DraftSight will be saved to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical symbol library. 

DraftSight can also be used as a viewer and markup tool for SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects.  This allows the full use of DraftSight’s documentation features to further expand the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Learn How SOLIDWORKS Electrical Benefits from DraftSight

Convenient File Formats

DraftSight makes it easy to work with any traditional 2D CAD file format. With it, you can easily open, create, and modify any DWG, DXF, or SAT files. When you're done working, quickly use DraftSight to export to any of the following common file formats:

  • DWG
  • DXF
  • DWF(X)
  • EMF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • WMF
  • SLD
  • SVG
  • EPS
  • TIF
  • STL

"DraftSight Essentials" DraftSight eBook cover

Draftsight eBook

Get to Know What DraftSight Can Do

DraftSight Essentials is an introductory guide to learn essential tips to make the most of DraftSight tools and productivity features.

We’ll cover geometry, layers, dimensions, blocks, and other essential features and tools to get you started with DraftSight.


Allows integration into the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace to enable DraftSight users to download content, from over 700 providers, to use in the designs or upload to a network of over 180 service providers. The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace simply allows users of DraftSight to quickly build their designs and have them prototype, 3D Printed or submit them for full manufacturing production.


HomeByMe is a cloud-based 3D architectural ‘home’ design tool by Dassault Systèmes. The HomeByMe addin allows users to document, dimension and save architectural drawings of the home designs.

Toolbox (Professional, Premium, and Enterprise)

Toolbox, familiar to SOLIDWORKS users, is a library of hardware and automation design tools based on national and international standards. These tools help automate the design process by drawing standard hardware and the companion features into your designs.

G-Code Generator (Professional, Premium, and Enterprise)

The provided G-Code generator in DraftSight translates your drawing into code that can be used to control your CNC machines. This can include, but not limited to, milling machines, laser and water jets and CNC Routers.

Image Tracer (Professional, Premium, and Enterprise)

Quickly and accurately translate raster, non-CAD, images into editable 2D drawings using the DraftSight Image Tracer.

Draw Compare (Professional, Premium, and Enterprise)

Quickly and easily view the differences between two documents. This too helps you understand what has changed between documents or to fully recognize the differences between similar drawings

LISP Files support (*.lsp, *.mnl, and *.dll)

The DraftSight API allow users to write custom command and record/play macros to automate repetitive tasks. It’s ability to understand common programming languages like C++, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript and LISP means DraftSight supports you right out of the box.

PDM/PLM Integration

DraftSight provides seamless integration with industry-leading data management tools. With an out-of-the-box connection to SOLIDWORKS PDM and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, it's easier than ever to store and share your 2D CAD files. Now, you can store all of your CAD data in one convenient location and quickly share them with anyone.

  •  How to Buy DraftSight Professional
  • DraftSight Professional

  • Annual Rate:
    Price: $299
  • Features:

    • Draw and Edit Tools for 2D design and drafting
    • Batch Print features
    • LISP Automation
    • Includes technical support from GoEngineer's award-winning support team

    Used by:
    Companies - Individuals - Designers

  • How to Purchase DraftSight Premium
  • DraftSight Premium

  • Annual Rate:
    Price: $599/yr
  • Features:

    • Everything included in DraftSight Professional, plus:
      • 3D tools and parametric constraints
      • PDF importer
      • Custom blocks
    • Includes technical support from GoEngineer's award-winning support team

    Used by:
    Individuals - Designers - Companies - Manufacturers - Makers

  • Purchase DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus
  • DraftSight Enterprise and Plus

  • Features:

    • Includes all the benefits of Professional and Premium with network licensing
    • Full technical support

    Used by:
    Large organizations with many users or multiple sites.

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Draw Tools (Line, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Table, Hatch, Cloud, Block…)

Modify Tools (Move, Copy, Rotate, Array, Scale,Trim, Chamfer, Split…)

Layer, Block, Group, Print

Drawing Standards and Templates

Polyline Editing

Hatch Layer

Discarding Duplicate Entities

SVG Scalable Icons for HD Displays

Hairline Option for Printout

Layer Preview

Block - Redefine Base Point

Mechanical Toolbox (BOM, Revision Table, Hardware, Holes, Welding/Surface/Finish Symbols…)

Design Resources Library

Batch Printing

Drawing Compare

Automatic Dimensioning

Automatic Dimensioning Arrangement

Automatic Trim Dimension Extension Lines

Thumbwheel on the Dimension Palette

Right Click to Select Arrow Heads

Split Dimension

Mass Properties Calculations

Auto-Completion Commands

Quick Input Methods

Pack and Go

Publish to DWF

Dark Mode

Spline Enhancements

Associative Patterns

PDF Import

3D Tools

2D Constraints

AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks Viewing with Full Configurability

AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks Editing with Full Configurability



Create & Edit Custom Blocks

LISP Automation (AutoLISP, Visual LISP support)

3DEXPERIENCE Integration

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Integration



HomeByMe Integration

3D Content Central Integration

SOLIDWORKS PDM, Electrical Connectors

Sheet Set Manager



Network License Option

Technical Support

Community Forum Support


"Can DraftSight Really Replace AutoCAD?" Webinar

Can DraftSight Really Replace AutoCAD?

Join Technology Evangelist and AutoCAD expert Lynn Allen as she explores DraftSight from the perspective of an AutoCAD user. Lynn will demonstrate how easy the transition to DraftSight can be as she covers:

  • Installation and licensing
  • UI, key commands, and file compatibility
  • LISP routines (now including Visual LISP!) and APIs
  • Constraints
  • Productivity enhancements

See for yourself how you can maintain the same level of productivity for a fraction of the price with DraftSight!

Frequently Asked Questions

DraftSight is available in Professional, Premium, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight. Additionally, you can purchase DraftSight as either a term or perpetual license. This gives you the flexibility to license the software however you need.
DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus licenses can optionally float.
DraftSight is a standalone 2D CAD application. You do not need anything beyond your DraftSight license to get started.
DraftSight Premium and Enterprise Plus licenses have 3D tools built in, as well as 2D constraints for more sophisticated 2D designs.
It has a familiar user interface, a short learning curve, and easily transitions files and workflow from your current legacy 2D data. In addition, DraftSight is a very cost-effective solution for the power it provides.
Learn what those requirements are here.
All licenses of DraftSight that are sold by GoEngineer come with our award-winning technical support. Contact GoEngineer directly to help.
Draftsight supports both DWG and DXF and both of these formats are also compatible with SOLIDWORKS.




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Award Winning Technical Support

GoEngineer's extensive SOLIDWORKS technical knowledge and world class support can help you succeed with SOLIDWORKS. Our award-winning team is ready to help you with any task you may have. Using state-of-art remote assistant technology software allows our team to solve most issues within one session. Reach out and see why GoEngineer is the #1 reseller of SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys systems in the world!

  • 125+Certified Technical Specialists
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GoEngineer offers online and classroom professional SOLIDWORKS training for organizations and individuals. All our instructors are SOLIDWORKS certified and teach thousands of students each year world wide. The curriculum is very diverse with numerous certified SOLIDWORKS courses to choose from. Each student will receive a Course Completion Certificate and preparation materials for SOLIDWORKS certification.

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