Are you a perfect CAD user?

We know, as an individual SOLIDWORKS user, that we never create problems with how we store or manage files. With that being said, why then is the best recipe to have CAD file issues is to simply add two ‘perfect’ CAD users together in a single design environment?

The simple answer is that we all approach the problem slightly differently. We are proud to introduce a revamped version of a tool that we’ve used to help us, help our customers. GoDataAnalysis is a tool that quickly analyzes a set of “released” directories and helps isolate common problems that end up causing us headaches downstream or at some point in the future.

What does it look for?

That’s a great question. Here are a few things that the tool looks for, analyzes, and best yet allows you to export the results directly into Excel:

  • Duplicate File Names – Having duplicate files in production directories can lead to confusion on which documents are the latest release.
  • Current state of File References – References are the backbone of your CAD data. How many references are found, missing, or outside of your search directories?
  • Potentially Fixed References – How many of the references could be re-connected with found references in other sub-folders/directories?
  • Orphaned Parts – Parts that are being used by any drawing or assemblies.
  • Orphaned Assemblies – Assemblies with no parts in them.
  • Empty Drawings – Drawings that don’t have any views of any parts or assemblies.
  • Part to Part Utilization – How often is a part to part in-context reference used?
  • In-context Usage – Do you have in-context relationships in your released directories?
  DA4 DA10

How to get started?

It’s simple. Get the tool, get a little bit of instructions and start using it. We are here to provide you the support and experience in helping “analyze” the state of your files.
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