The Complete Guide to Buying CAM Solutions

This comprehensive guide was created to help manufacturers find the best integrated CNC programming solution for their applications.

Find the Right Computer Aided Manufacturing Solution

Which Software Tool is Best For Your Needs?

Selecting the best CAM programming solution for your business depends greatly on the type of products you manufacture and the capabilities of your machines. Knowing your current needs and anticipating possible future needs is key. At GoEngineer, we offer a variety of solutions with everything from basic to advanced functionality, all of which integrate directly with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, making for a streamlined design-to-manufacturing process.

Below is a basic overview of the capabilities in each CAM solution we offer to help you find the best tool for your business. For a more in-depth comparison of the functionality of each tool, review our CAM Product Matrix.

CNC Programming Tools from SOLIDWORKS


SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is included with all licenses of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD on active subscription and, through that integration, recognizes any updated geometry as your model changes. This parts-only CAM software uses rules-based machining to take advantage of MBD tolerances in the CAD model. SOLIDWORKS CAM is capable of any and everything a 2D system can do, along with 3-axis lite via surface cavity roughing and surface finish machining.

Ideal for Manufacturers Who:

  • Are already equipped with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
  • Only manufacture individual parts 
  • Require 2.5-axis milling capabilities


    SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional

    SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional builds on the capabilities of CAM Standard. In addition to those features, the Professional tool features assembly machining, Automatic Feature Recognition, and support for CNC lathe turning and VoluMill high-speed machining. Programmers using this tool can also take advantage of 4 and 5-axis positioning with 3 + 2 milling.

    Ideal for Manufacturers Who:

    • Are already equipped with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
    • Manufacture parts and assemblies
    • Require 2.5-axis turning capabilities
    • Require 3 + 2 milling capabilities

    CNC Programming Tools from CAMWorks

    CAMWorks Standard Bundle

    Like all CAMWorks tools, CAMWorks Standard is a Certified Gold Partner of SOLIDWORKS and is fully integrated into the software. CAMWorks Standard features all of the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional, plus additional support for rotary milling. 

    Ideal for Manufacturers Who Want:

    • Seamless integration into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
    • 2.5-axis turning capabilities
    • 3 + 2 milling capabilities
    • Support for rotary milling


      CAMWorks Premium Bundle

      CAMWorks Premium is the ultimate integrated CAM solution for SOLIDWORKS users. This advanced tool combines all of the features in Milling Professional and Turning Professional, along with adding superior 4 & 5-axis simultaneous milling.

      Ideal for Manufacturers Who Want:

      • Seamless integration into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
      • Up to 5-axis milling with multi-axis machining
      • Support for rotary milling
      • Mill-turn (up to 11-axis) and multi-function machining
      • Sub-spindle programming
      • G-code machine simulation


      CAMWorks Turning Professional Bundle

      CAMWorks Turning Professional is the ultimate CNC programming solution for advanced turning and mill-turn functions. The software also includes Sync Manager for simultaneous machining and Virtual Machine Standard for full machine simulation with collision detection.

      Ideal for Manufacturers Who Want:

      • Seamless integration into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
      • Support for rotary milling
      • Mill-turn (up to 11-axis) and multi-function machining
      • Sub-spindle programming
      • G-code machine simulation


      CAMWorks Milling Professional Bundle

      CAMWorks Milling Professional is the most advanced 3-axis CNC programming solution available for SOLIDWORKS. It includes advanced 3-axis rough milling with rest machining and VoluMill for high-speed machining. Finishing cycles include Z-level (waterline), flat area, pattern project, constant step-over, pencil milling, and curve project for engraving on 3D surfaces.

      Ideal for Manufacturers Who Want:

      • Seamless integration into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
      • 3-axis milling
      • Mill-turn and multi-function machining

      Specialty CNC Programming Software from CAMWorks

      CAMWorks NestingWorks

      NestingWorks helps manufacturers to optimize the layout of sheet metal and flat stock designs while supporting the transition from design to manufacturing for sheet metal and flat goods.

      Key Benefits of NestingWorks:

      • Optimize how parts fit on a shape to produce the maximum number of parts from a single piece of raw material
      • Maximize material usage by fitting smaller parts into open areas and cutouts of larger parts of the same thickness
      • Automatically group and nest parts of the same thickness


        CAMWorks Wire EDM

        This specialty CAM tool from CAMWorks was developed specifically for programming 2 through 4-axis Wire EDM CNC machines. Like all CAMWorks products, it fully integrates with SOLIDWORKS.

        Key Benefits of Wire EDM:

        • Automate the creation of rough, skim, and tab cuts
        • Automatically change the processing order options with a single command
        • Choose between the output of only rough cuts, only tab cuts, or both
        • Easily switch between different machine code outputs

        Where Can I Purchase CAM Software?

        Contact Your SOLIDWORKS or CAMWorks Reseller

        The only way to buy SOLIDWORKS or CAMWorks products is through a certified reseller like GoEngineer.

        SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks products are sold worldwide through a large network of certified value-added resellers (VARs). Resellers also provide additional services, product training, and ongoing support. Many SOLIDWORKS VARs are also resellers of CAMWorks due to the integrated nature of the products.

        If you are also currently looking to purchase a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license, we recommend starting with our Guide to Buying SOLIDWORKS for answers to common questions like:

        • How to buy SOLIDWORKS
        • Types of SOLIDWORKS licenses
        • Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Subscription


        GoEngineer is the VAR for both SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks products throughout the U.S.  Browse our locations to find your regional office.

        Not located in our territory? Follow these steps to find your local SOLIDWORKS reseller (who will likely also be your local CAMWorks reseller):


        How Much Do CAM Solutions Cost?

        Prices can vary greatly depending on the capabilities you need. As a starting point, if you have a license of SOLIDWORKS active on subscription and only need simple part machining with 2.5-axis milling, you can add SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard for free. CAMWorks bundle pricing starts at $3,000 for the Standard license and increases from there based on additional functionality.  Additionally, having the option to buy perpetual or term licenses can effect the initial cost of acquisition. 

        Contact GoEngineer to get a comprehensive look at pricing and features for all of our CAM solutions.

        Request a Software Demonstration

        See the Software in Action

        Sometimes, you just need to see the software in action to understand just how well these integrated solutions can automate and optimize your design-to-manufacturing processes. We have Application Engineers who specialize specifically in manufacturing solutions and they are happy to put together a demonstration customized to your use case so that you can ensure that the features and functionality of the solution you choose do exactly what you need.

        Additional CAM Resources

        Browse our recommended resources below to learn more about how to use an integrated CAM solution to streamline your design-to-manufacturing workflow.


        CAM Training Offered at GoEngineer


        Utilize GoEngineer's expert CAM instructors to help you understand how to succeed with SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks


        For the most current CAM discounts and promotions available. 

        CAM Library

        View the latest CAM videos, blogs, and techincal articles.


        Still Have Questions About Our CAM Solutions?

        Reach out to GoEngineer and one of our manufacturing experts will follow up with you.



        CAMWorks VIDEO Tutorials

        How Does it Work?

        In this four part CAMWorks video tutorial series we break to the onboarding process with a detailed step-by-step instruction.  


        SOLIDWORKS CAMWorks Tutorial: Part 1 - Introduction to Feature and Knowledge Based CAM  

        In this first part of our four part Introduction to CAMWorks series, we primarily cover what separates CAMWorks from the rest of the CAM ecosystem. CAMWorks' unique functionality allows us to save our machining best practices to a central database which can be shared with other programmers. This makes CAMWorks an automation-forward CNC programming suite. Ensuring that you can "tweak once, save later" substantially reduces time spent in the CAM programming phase. Follow the rest of the series to view the full workflow and how to customize your Technology Database (TechDB).

        SOLIDWORKS CAMWorks Tutorial: Part 2 - The Technology Database  

        In this second part of our four part Introduction to CAMWorks series, we go over how to begin customizing the Technology Database. Teh TechDB is the core plumbing for CAMWorks' automation. This automation begins with setting up our machines and tool cribs. This video is a guided tour through setting up a 3 axis mill as well as simple tool crib. Setting up a machine with a default tool crib and post processor is just one of the many strategies that can be used with CAMWorks to make CNC programming as automated as possible. For additional methods and strategies to best fit your shop floor, don't hesitate to reach out.

        SOLIDWORKS CAMWorks Tutorial: Part 3 - Programming & Saving Strategies

        In the third part of our four-part Introduction to CAMWorks series, we cover how to customize the default settings for CAMWorks to best suit our shops. CAMWorks can automatically recognize prismatic machining features and has stock series of operations for each of these features called strategies. All of these are intended as starting points to be customized for each machine shop. This video goes through interactively setting up a feature and customizing the operations applied to that feature, then saving the series of operations as a new feature to use automatically on a future part. Repeating this workflow as you save already-known best practices or discover new ones are the key to maximizing the value and time savings of CAMWorks. Each of these strategies can be saved on a machine, material, or tool basis thus ensuring that the best fit can be found for any shop.

        SOLIDWORKS CAMWorks Tutorial: Part 4 - Optimize Your Programming with the TechDB  

        In the finale of this 4-part series, we go over CAMWorks and SOLIDWORKS CAM features and workflows. This is aimed to familiarize prospective customers with the software and feature set as the feature- and knowledge-based programming and automation features are quite powerful. This video completes our customizations from Part 3 and summarizes the benefits of CAMWorks

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