Hosting Services

Private and Secure Data Storage

Need Centralized Data Storage and Online Access to Resources?

GoEngineer offers top tier hosting capabilities for 3D CAD Designers traditional on-premise solutions. With multiple data centers with redundant architecture to deliver best in class up time. Our 3D CAD Designer customers are wanting to move to the cloud faster than their most used applications are ready.

What Can GoEngineer Hosting Services Offer?…

  • Low Maintenance – GoEngineer’s managed services do the work behind the scenes so you don’t need to worry about deploying versions and/or service packs.
  • Risk Mitigation – Need to test a solution prior to committing for a long-term deployment? Can’t invest in your own architecture in order to qualify the solution?
  • Quick Implementations – Our customers enjoy a very quick turnaround time to stand up these applications. If your ROI is heavily favored by how fast your users start taking advantage of the new tools, then hosting might be right for you.
  • Reduced IT burden – Eliminate wasted maintenance contracts and improve bottom line by reducing operational overhead costs.

Hosting and Data Storage for SOLIDWORKS Products


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, Electrical and Manage

Utilize Secure Hosting for Your SOLIDWORKS Setups

  • Take advantage of the power of our traditionally on-premise systems and let GoEngineer manage the infrastructure for you. There’s no need to trade configurability for the convenience of the cloud – you can have both!
  • Continue to use the installed ‘thick-client’ when connected to your own network (we’ll help establish an IPSec tunnel), and optionally request a web portal* if you have users who frequently travel or need access outside your network.
  • *Functionality may be limited via optional web portal.

Agile PLM Cloud Subscription

Agile PLM

What Does the Agile PLM Cloud Subscription Cover?

Whether you are looking for a new PLM or you are already on Agile perpetual but have let your maintenance and support expire, which requires you to purchase new Agile licenses, Agile PLM Cloud Subscriptions may be right for you. Subscriptions include the Agile PLM licenses, annual maintenance and support, Hosting, Hosting Support and Managed Services all for one low Subscription Fee.



Product Configurator Web Pages

CPQ (click, price, quote) for 3D enabled product configurators is becoming a must to stay competitive in today’s crowded product landscape.

Many of our small customers struggle finding a 3rd party web developer that has experience in standing up these tailored pages. GoEngineer has the start to finish experience in providing a turn key online experience for your customers.

GoEngineer can also host these pages to get these pages live as fast as possible. Additionally we have an in-house solution that can add full customer login, end-customer functionality, and sales/marketing related tools to your online product pages.

Privacy Assurance

Your privacy matters to us, GoEngineer will not share your personal details with any other company, please read our privacy policy for further information.