GoEngineer Modern CAD Workshop featuring National Carwash Solutions

Join us for a Modern CAD Case Study

Is your CAD not keeping up? Like National Carwash Solutions (NCS) discovered, not all design platforms can adjust to the reality of evolving business needs and changing markets. They retired their old CAD software and seamlessly transitioned to SOLIDWORKS with little to no disruption in their workflow - and we’ll show you how.  

Join us for an exciting Modern CAD Workshop featuring NCS to see how they were able to keep up with their fast pace all while converting to a brand new CAD environment using their existing legacy data.

Check out their data set running live as they walk you through a typical day at the shop using SOLIDWORKS tools for:

  • Routing, piping, and cabling
  • Electrical schematic and harness design
  • Data management, revision control, and multi-user collaboration
  • Creating complex organic shapes and advanced surfaces using Subdivision (Sub-D) modeling with xShape
  • ...and more!


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MARCH 29   MAY 24   JULY 19   SEPT 20   NOV 15

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