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The Check Your System message is only supposed to pop up every 10th launch of SOLIDWORKS; however, we have seen reports saying that this happens more often and that the messages pop even though the latest supported graphics driver is installed. Our SOLIDWORKS Technical Support team is often asked, “How do I get rid of these SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor pop-up messages? They keep coming up no matter what I do.”


Over the years, GoEngineer customers have asked Technical Support how to change the orientation of a part file created in SOLIDWORKS. This tutorial explains a couple of ways to do this on a feature-based model. The best method we have found to change the orientation of an existing SOLIDWORKS part is using the Orientation dialog box.


With each new release of SOLIDWORKS, the file format is updated to take advantage of the latest performance upgrades. Each time you open a file from a previous release of SOLIDWORKS, a message appears to inform you that this is an older file. When you save the file, you have to convert the files to the latest version first before saving it. The process is quick; you will hardly notice it.


Every new release of SOLIDWORKS results in the question, "how do I open a future version SOLIDWORKS file in an older version of SOLIDWORKS?" Perhaps our vendors are using a newer version than we are, and we can’t open their models, or maybe a coworker upgraded and converted a file to the new year before you were ready. All of these scenarios result in an error stating that the file is from a future version. So what can we do?