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Have you ever opened somebody else’s SOLIDWORKS model and received a warning stating, “This sketch contains dimensions or relations to model geometry which no longer exists”? This warning message means that SOLIDWORKS is unable to find a reference that was used to define a sketch. This is quite common as parts evolve in the design process (e.g., Features that were once flat are now curved.). 

In SOLIDWORKS, a Radial Explode allows users to explode items aligned radially about an axis in a single step. This tutorial explains each of the steps needed to create this view.


A sheet metal gusset is an indented feature that forms a gusset to stiffen a bend in sheet metal part. Rather than using a custom-made forming tool, SOLIDWORKS includes a Sheet Metal Gusset tool. In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how to create a gusset in a sheet metal part using the Sheet Metal Gusset tool.

Macros are scripts that automate tasks inside of SOLIDWORKS. If you're new to SOLIDWORKS Macros, you may be wondering if you need to understand scripts or know how to write code - the answer is no! There is a handy tool you can use that captures mouse clicks, menu choices, and keystrokes and records them - much like a video.