SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Gusset Tool Tutorial

Article by Chris Geringer on Apr 21, 2022

A sheet metal gusset is an indented feature that forms a gusset to stiffen a bend in sheet metal part. Rather than using a custom-made forming tool, SOLIDWORKS includes a Sheet Metal Gusset tool. In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how to create a gusset in a sheet metal part using the Sheet Metal Gusset tool.

How To Create A Sheet Metal Gusset

  1. Open or create a sheet metal part with at least one bend
  2. Select the Sheet Metal Gusset tool from the Sheet Metal Toolbar
  3. Select the two faces on each side of a bend
  4. Set gusset parameters in the Sheet Metal Gusset dialog
  5. Hit the green check mark to create the specified gusset

In the following example, we will be looking at adding a 1 in gusset to a 2 in angled part. 

A sketch was created on the face of one of the bends to show how the gusset can be positioned. 

The sketch consists of a point that we want the gusset to pass through and a line representing the angle that we want the gusset to follow. 

By default, the angle will be perpendicular to the bend axis.

How to Create a Sheet Metal Gusset in SOLIDWORKS

Select the Sheet Metal Gusset tool from the Sheet Metal Toolbar. Alternatively, this tool is located by going to  Insert Sheet Metal > Sheet Metal Gusset…

Location of SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Gusset Tool

Select the two faces across the bend, then select the point field in the Sheet Metal Gusset dialog and pick the sketch point to position the gusset.  

Set the Indent depth to your desired dimension (in this example 1.000”), and the gusset is created.  

At this point, you could accept the defaults, hit the green check and be done.  

Note: Currently, the gusset is perpendicular to the bend axis. 

In the next step we will change the orientation of the gusset.

SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Gusset PropertyManager

By default, the angle of the gusset is perpendicular to the bend axis. Additionally, the angle can be set according to an edge or sketch reference. To do this, select the Edge field in the Sheet Metal Gusset dialog, then select the sketch line (or reference edge).

Sheet Metal Gusset Tool SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

Beyond setting the size, position, and angle of a gusset, additional parameters can be controlled including profile dimensions, indent width, indent thickness, draft, corner fillets, etc.

Additional Gusset Parameters in SOLIDWORKS

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