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Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS is a reverse engineering software and add-in that allows CAD users to efficiently import and work with scan data, large STL files, or other mesh-based models directly in the SOLIDWORKS environment. Once the add-in is enabled, Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS appears as a tab in the CommandManager for SLDPRT files.


A hybrid method of computational fluid dynamics analysis was used to enhance the design of a medical device to improve its ability to maintain a stable microclimate around a patient, but also to reduce both the computational efforts and the time required to obtain these results.

This study was part of the Virtual Optimization Pasta production process (OPAV) research project, which resulted in a simulation model that could be used by industrial pasta manufacturers to help them improve the quality and production process of their pasta.

DELMIAworks is a robust ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system built to help manufacturing companies improve their end-to-end-production processes. In one, collaborative environment, all sales, production, resource planning, manufacturing tracking, and inventory management can be leveraged throughout the business.


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software is a solid investment. It can help keep your data under control, eliminate repetitive work, and further improve your product development process. In this article, we list six ways you can maximize your investment and save on future seats. 


3D Scanning Creaform Mar 10, 2021

Creaform, a leader in handheld and portable metrology-grade 3D scanners, recently introduced a new series to their HandySCAN product line: the SILVER Series. The SILVER Series features two new models: the HandySCAN 307 and the HandySCAN 700. Learn more about these brand new products from Creaform here. 




Most SOLIDWORKS PDM  users are familiar with and use the version history comment section when checking in a file. However, have you ever written a comment, checked your file in, and later realized you wanted to change your version comment? This may only occur in rare instances, but many organizations rely on the validity and accuracy of these version comments when it comes to the evolution of their files. 


SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP5 will be the last release of PDM Professional / Manage that will support the use of SQL Standard 2014. This will only affect PDM Professional, not PDM Standard. PDM Standard uses a free SQL Express that does not require any paid licensing. However, the installed version of SQL Express will still need to be upgraded.


3DEXPERIENCE Design Feb 25, 2021

Connecting with your team remotely is important now more than ever. We need effective tools that are dynamic enough to keep up with the ever changing world. With Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you have access to these very tools. In this blog, we’ll cover five helpful tips for getting started with 3DEXPERIENCE. Let’s dive in.