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In SOLIDWORKS Top-Down Assembly Modeling Quick Tip, we discuss the difference between Bottom-Up and Top-Down Assemblies and demonstrate how to use Top-Down Assembly techniques to create a part with external references to another in the assembly. With these external references in place, the new virtual part will update when changes to the parent file are made.



There are two methods for creating a SOLIDWORKS Assembly file: Bottom-Up assembly modeling and Top-Down assembly modeling. In this quick tip, we’ll explain the difference between the two and demonstrate how to create a Top-Down assembly.


SOLIDWORKS PDM utilizes SQL as its database engine where one database file (.mdf) and at least one transaction log file (.ldf) is created.  The database file stores the physical data added to the database, and the transaction log keeps records of database modifications. By default, the recovery method of a SQL database is set to ‘Full’.  With Full recovery model set, a transaction log can grow until it is out of disk space which can make your Microsoft SQL Server database unusable.  The following document will walk you through step by step on how to change your database recovery mode from ‘Full’ to ‘Simple’.

DraftSight Jan 10, 2023

It's easy to manage network licenses of SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight. Here, we demonstrate how to set a timer in DraftSight to return a license to the server for others in a team to use. Unlike SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight Enterprise licenses are not set to return the license server by default and cannot be controlled by the timeout command in the Options File.


Over time, companies may find themselves needing to create new templates for SOLIDWORKS drawings. This can include changing existing drawings to the new template format. The question is, how do we incorporate new drawing templates, into our existing & future SOLIDWORKS drawings.

When you create a new document, import a file from another application, or create a derived part in SOLIDWORKS, the default template is used for the new document. However, sometimes if the file paths are not set up correctly, you may get the error message “The default templates are not valid. The problems can be resolved by correcting the default templates under the options dialog. Do you want to continue with a blank template?”



This guide provides the steps needed to perform a complete uninstall of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Dec 22, 2022

Installations are often blocked by firewall ports, incorrect server name, or a default SQL instance that has already been created. So if you're dealing with SOLIDWORKS Electrical installation errors or connecting to the SQL Express, check that these common errors are not causing problems.

In this quick tip, learn how to modify an imported body in SOLIDWORKS without needing to reverse engineer the Part file into SOLIDWORKS Features. In this example, a vendor supplied a version of a desired part. It was imported as an IGES file. We want to modify this part without remodeling it from scratch.