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One of the main functions of a SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer is to teach people how to use the software. As such, our team has had the opportunity to introduce many users to the program. We’ve seen what new designers tend to get stuck on and the topics proven to be most important to them. We’ve compiled many of these findings (along with countless insights from colleagues) into seven specific topics.

Issue Management on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a central location to create and manage issues. In it, you can create issues and attach models, drawings, or anything else you may store on the platform. You can also assign users to issues, suggest resolutions, add comments, and visualize their history. Check out how Issue Management makes it easier for you to track potential problems and resolutions all in one place.


Abaqus Apr 27, 2023

GoEngineer is excited to now offer Abaqus & CATIA to our customers. These advanced CAD & CAE tools can be game-changers for companies of all sizes, so we've put together a number of resources to help you determine if and how they can benefit your business. No matter your challenge - advanced surfacing, large assembly modeling, and complex FEA, GoEngineer has a solution to put you on the track to success.

3D Printing Metal Apr 20, 2023

Companies such as Xact Metal have emerged to break barriers, making it easier and more affordable for companies to get started with metal 3D printing. Xact Metal's technology combines Metal Powder-Bed Fusion, (also known as Selective Laser Melting or Direct Metal Laser Sintering) with their own innovative advances to create a new standard for pricing and performance within additive manufacturing.



For designers and manufacturers, the end goal is usually the same - to make products stronger, cheaper, and lighter and to iterate designs that are easier to manufacture. To do this, many engineers use SOLIDWORKS Simulation software for testing and running analyses as well as realistic rendering software like SOLIDWORKS Visualize to portray real-life products for customer demonstrations and marketing initiatives.


GoEngineer customers can access all of their assets and more through the GoEngineer Customer Portal. This customer portal eliminates downtime spent searching your inbox, visiting multiple websites, and time spent communicating requests from other departments. 


The Dimension Dialog Box is an incredibly useful tool within SOLIDWORKS. Inside this little box are numerous options and tools that are often overlooked. In this guide, we will go over the different tools/options found within the Dimensions Dialog Box.



When a company has multiple network licenses, they can choose to put those network licenses on separate servers or put all of the network licenses on a single server. This article walks through the steps to add a network license number to an existing SolidNetWork License Manager.

3D Printing FDM Feb 22, 2023

3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by allowing for the creation of complex and intricate parts with a level of precision and accuracy that was previously impossible. One of the key players in the 3D printing space is Stratasys, a leading provider of 3D printing solutions and the creator of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology.