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eDrawings Feb 20, 2024

eDrawings Pro VR is an extension of the eDrawings Pro software from Dassault Systemes that allows users to experience their 3D models in virtual reality (VR). In previous articles, we’ve provided some guidance for how to best optimize your workstation budget depending on specific CAD workflows, from basic CAD design to running Flow Simulation CFD analyses. Here, we’ll look at which workstation components are important for using eDrawings Pro VR and highlight some sample configurations.


3D Printing Feb 15, 2024

With the recent acquisition of Rapid PSI, GoEngineer has solidified our commitment to offering best-in-class 3D printing services with our dynamic fleet of over 100 industrial 3D printers. Rapid PSI has a long history of being an industry titan—printing parts for the most rigorous applications for those in aerospace, defense, automotive, and more. With our combined resources, we are proud to offer customers an upgraded level of service and expertise. Take a look at some of the highlights GoEngineer 3D Printing Services customers can now enjoy.  

SOLIDWORKS Training Jan 03, 2024

Across the nation, GoEngineer customers utilize government grants, funds, and similar programs to offset the cost of purchasing GoEngineer’s SOLIDWORKS training coursesTo make SOLIDWORKS training more accessible for businesses who otherwise can’t afford the costs, we’ve put together a shortlist of state-wide training grants that your company can tap into today.

The GoEngineer blog shared hundreds of tutorials, tips, tricks, product guides, and industry news articles developed by our team of technical experts this year. In case you missed any, here are the top 10 SOLIDWORKS tutorials from 2023. 


In this quick tutorial, we explain how to use some of the sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS, specifically the Fold and Unfold tools. First, let’s set up our base flange, being sure to have a fully defined sketch to start. 



SIMULATION Oct 25, 2023

This article is part four of a five-part blog series that provides guidance on how to optimize your workstation purchase for different CAD workflows. This blog covers flow simulation—often referred to as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). 

SOLIDWORKS has many useful keyboard shortcuts and key bindings to speed up the modeling process and increase efficiency when working in the software. In this blog, learn about 11 CTRL key shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS you can start using today.

3D Printing SLA Sep 12, 2023

Stereolithography is a 3D printing method that utilizes a laser to cure a photosensitive resin. Engineers, designers, and manufacturers use it to craft detailed prototypes, intricate models, and functional parts with high accuracy and smooth surface finishes. The Neo series from Stratasys represents a game-changing advancement in stereolithography technology that redefines the user experience.


DELMIAWORKS Aug 22, 2023

Companies of all sizes and industries utilize some sort of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help manage day-to-day business activities like sales, production, resource planning, manufacturing tracking, and inventory management. But as businesses expand, having a reliable solution that can manage and tie together processes and the data that flows between them is essential. If your current solution is falling short or you're simply dissatisfied, here are seven signs it might be time for a new ERP system.