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3D Scanning Artec Nov 25, 2020
In this day and age, the ability to keep production going at home or in small office spaces is essential. We’ve seen this trend pick up in the 3D printing space with the release of professional FDM and PolyJet 3D printers like the Stratasys J55 and F123 Series that can easily squeeze into tight spaces. But how does 3D scanning fit into the world of desktop innovations? In May 2019, Artec 3D added a unique professional desktop 3D scanner to their product line - the Artec Micro.
The Bill of Materials (BOM) will not directly associate a specific component feature dimension to a BOM cell. However, when we associate a Custom Property to a dimension, we can use that in the BOM. For reference, I have a simple assembly with a base block, three dowel pins, and three sliders. Each of the sliders has the same physical length, but we want to have the slot length for each slider displayed in the BOM.
PostProcess Nov 04, 2020
PostProcess Technologies recently announced their latest resin removal system, the DEMI 4000. Combining their Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology and their AUTOMAT3D software platform, PostProcess has created the world’s first automated system for SL (Stereolithography) resin removal.
SOLIDWORKS Leading and Trailing zeroes options are located in your Document Properties. Under Zeroes in Document Properties > Drafting Standard > Dimensions, there is a set of four dropdown menus - one controls the display of Leading zeroes while the other three control Trailing zeroes.
During the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault upgrade to a new service pack or version, the existing add-ins do not automatically update to the latest version. Consequently, this needs to be done manually. The following article discusses how to upgrade the Dispatch Add-in as well as explain how to export a Dispatch action script in SOLIDWORKS PDM.
3D Printing Oct 28, 2020
Earlier this year, GoEngineer relocated from Pontiac to a brand new office that includes a 3D printing lab and SOLIDWORKS training facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan. If you’re near Metro Detroit, stop by and check out the latest innovations in additive manufacturing. Our 3D printing lab will continue to expand, but today it is home to three of the major players in the additive manufacturing space.
The SOLIDWORKS Property Tab Builder is a stand-alone utility to create a customized interface for adding properties to SOLIDWORKS Parts, Drawings, and Assemblies. From the Start menu find the SOLIDWORKS menu item (Traditionally “SOLIDWORKS ‘Version Number’, for this exercise I have “SOLIDWORKS 2014”. Then locate the sub-menu “SOLIDWORKS Tools”, there you will find the Property Tab Builder application.
If you have ever created custom annotations by changing various properties in the Property Manager and would like to quickly reuse those again, SOLIDWORKS allows us to save these as Styles. In this article, we will review the steps to save Styles for reuse on any document. In the example below, I have an all-around 1/8th inch weld symbol with TYP (typical) in the tail. I would like to use this weld symbol in my drawing multiple times without having to fill out the property manager again.
3D Printing PolyJet Oct 13, 2020
Earlier this year, Stratasys announced their new full-color J55 PolyJet 3D printer. The J55 is uniquely positioned for designers who want color accuracy and variety. If you’re a designer, you may be familiar with 3D rendering tools, such as SOLIDWORKS Visualize, which lets you turn 3D CAD models into something that visually communicates the design to customers, decision-makers, and stakeholders.