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Customer Stories Jan 22, 2019
He started with BMX (bicycle motocross) as a kid and progressed to street bikes until an accident in 2006 left him a quadriplegic at age 17. His limited mobility, however, didn’t slow him down a bit. When told he would never be able to live on his own, let alone race, he focused only on how to continue chasing his passion.
Customer Stories Jan 17, 2019
Lifesize is a business that enables business connections. A global innovator of video collaboration and meeting productivity solutions, it combines best-in-class cloud-based video conferencing service with smart devices designed for any conference room so businesses can connect with anyone anywhere.
Customer Stories Dec 18, 2018
Eddy Lin had a crazy idea while hiking the foothills of Los Angeles. Tired of LA’s heavy commuter traffic, Lin began dreaming of building a personal aerial vehicle. As he researched how to turn his idea into reality, Lin came across the GoFly Prize, a Boeing-sponsored competition to create a personal flying device with help from global aerospace experts and cash prizes.
Customer Stories Nov 20, 2018
Traffic – the bane of our existence. It is the reason some people choose against working in the city or working in any urban environment if they can. Traffic can turn a great mood into a sour one. Think of that one day that you got out of the door ahead of time, and while you celebrate your small sparkle of time-management success, traffic finds a way to vomit all over that.
Customer Stories Nov 20, 2018
Aspire Food Group was hatched by winning the 2013 Hult Prize, which challenged entrants to address the global food crisis. Innovative solutions were to be viewed through a variety of lenses: distribution, manufacturing, production, and technology. The three co-founders dreamed of coming up with a way to farm insects year-round in a cost-effective [and automated] way.