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3D Printing FDM Nov 18, 2021

Stratasys recently announced that beginning with the Fortus 450, a 3D printer designed for rigorous 24/7 production, users will have the option to bring new materials to the platform, and access to previously untouchable print parameters. 

3D Printing FDM Jun 23, 2021

Be on the lookout! Stratasys will soon be updating the print heads for their F123 Series 3D printers. This updated design will not only help improve performance but will eliminate an error that can occur during auto-changing materials on the F270 and F370 3D printers. 

3D Printing FDM Jun 09, 2021

In May 2020, amid a global pandemic, devastation and destruction struck mid-Michigan yet again, when both the Edenville and Sanford dams collapsed following a record-breaking rainfall. This “500-year flood” forced more than 10,000 residents in Midland County to evacuate and seek safety before the breached dam water ransacked their homes and belongings.  Having endured watching their community suffer from the aftermath, Mid Michigan College (Mid) Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) students began their research to investigate the cause and help prevent future floods from devastating their community, and others as well. 



3D Printing FDM May 25, 2021

Stratasys recently unveiled three brand new 3D printers. One printer, in particular, filled what some would consider, the widest hole in their 3D printer portfolio: an affordable, large-scale system. After years of research and development, Stratasys has released an affordable, professional, large-format 3D printer: the F770The F770 straddles the line between the production-capable Fortus series and the designer-friendly F123 Series.


3D Printing FDM Apr 14, 2021

The Makerbot METHOD series is an affordable 3D printer that delivers manufacturing-grade parts and an open platform for advanced engineering materials. The METHOD features a robust metal frame, heated build chamber, and moisture controlled material storage. In the classroom, the Makerbot is prized for its reliability, speed, and professional-grade quality. 

3D Printing FDM Nov 24, 2020

3D printing has become common practice during the development process. 3D printed parts can be used to verify fit, finish, and sometimes even function. The cost to own a 3D printer has come down drastically over the years and with the value they add, they’re without question becoming an essential tool for any designer. 

3D Printing FDM Oct 07, 2020
My colleague Tyler recently picked up a C4 Corvette. As with any 'new-to-you' car, there are a few customary 'performance checks' to conduct prior to day-to-day driving. During one of these routine performance checks (rumored to be a parking lot donut), the gas pedal experienced abnormal sideload and stress, ultimately causing a failure in the gas pedal hinge.
3D Printing FDM Sep 29, 2020
3D printed parts are strong, but how strong are they? Sure, you can thread parts with a tap and die set, but the overall strength of the part will typically far exceed the strength of the threads (this is plastic, after all). For hard use and frequent stress cycling, fatigue failure is not far away.
3D Printing FDM Sep 28, 2020
My grandpa once told me, "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it"; but I’m an engineer, therefore I can't leave things “well enough” alone. When the time came to tow my rock crawler to Utah, I needed an answer to a particular obstacle that left me scratching my head. How was I going to tow this up a large, 40 degree paved incline with blind hairpin turns at the top and bottom, (one of which is on a busy road) when I drive a tiny Toyota Tacoma?