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3D Printing Mar 21, 2024

GoEngineer's latest Community Design Contest challenged SOLIDWORKS designers to produce their dream desk accessory. Entries ranged from pen cups to headphone stands, but the winning design was a striking and hyper-personalized desk organizer from Mitchell Sherry titled, the "Bring Back the Cool" desk organizer.


3D Printing FDM Mar 12, 2024

The newest FDM 3D Printer from Stratasys is here: the F3300. While the basic concepts of FDM 3D printers haven't changed much in the last 35 years, the processes to implement them have. In this article, see what distinguishes this newest addition to Stratasys' FDM lineup


3D Printing Feb 15, 2024

With the recent acquisition of Rapid PSI, GoEngineer has solidified our commitment to offering best-in-class 3D printing services with our dynamic fleet of over 100 industrial 3D printers. Rapid PSI has a long history of being an industry titan—printing parts for the most rigorous applications for those in aerospace, defense, automotive, and more. With our combined resources, we are proud to offer customers an upgraded level of service and expertise. Take a look at some of the highlights GoEngineer 3D Printing Services customers can now enjoy.  

3D Printing Tutorials Oct 10, 2023

With 3D printing, customization and personalization are essential. Whether you're a professional engineer, an artist, or a hobbyist, there's often a desire to add that extra touch to your 3D printed creations. GrabCAD Print Pro understands this need and offers a powerful feature to meet it – the Labels tool. In this article, we'll explore how you can use the labels feature to add custom text to the surface of FDM 3D printed parts, turning your designs into unique, standout creations.


3D Printing FDM Sep 22, 2023

FDM 3D printed parts have a range of applications, from functional prototypes to end-use parts, but they can also be quite valuable on a shop floor, serving as fixtures and assembly aids. When rolling out new product lines or getting new staff up to speed, they can help bridge a knowledge gap to save time and money.


3D Printing FDM Sep 05, 2023

Though not often required, the visual properties of an FDM part can be improved using chemical vapor smoothing. This process can be simple, using just a brush and acetone (or other solvent) to paint the part, or more complex, using an enclosed volume with circulating air and acetone vapor passing over the part. Both methods attempt to smooth the layer lines from an FDM print by melting the print material with a chemical solvent. Melting the external layer smooths the “peaks” and “valleys” in a printed part.

3D Printing Feb 22, 2023

3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by allowing for the creation of complex and intricate parts with a level of precision and accuracy that was previously impossible. One of the key players in the 3D printing space is Stratasys, a leading provider of 3D printing solutions and the creator of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology.

3D Printing Aug 23, 2022

There's no doubt that 3D printing has changed the way products are developed, tested, and manufactured but do we fully understand how a part goes from concept to production? In this article, we'll look at how a company can utilize 3D printing, from prototyping to design validation and even tooling. While this is a hypothetical story, it is a scenario we've seen repeatedly in the real world, and if you develop products, it's likely relatable.

3D Printing FDM May 11, 2022

At Experience Stratasys Manufacturing 2022, Stratasys unveiled new printers and materials to widen their manufacturing solutions. With over 3k attendees globally, it's clear the world is hungry for additive manufacturing advancements.