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3D Printing Oct 07, 2021

GrabCAD Shop is an easy-to-use work order management software from Stratasys. It helps process and organize communication and requests between designers, engineers, and 3D printing shop operators. If you’re juggling several data systems and suffering from the effects of poor communication financially, here’s how GrabCAD Shop can help get you back on track.


3D Printing Sep 23, 2021

Earlier this year, Stratasys released the much-anticipated H350, the first powder-bed fusion system to use SAF (selective absorption fusion) technology. The H350 is a production powerhouse, built for demanding industries that require strong, production quality, end-use parts. With most industries springing back into production after over a year-long pandemic lull, companies producing parts (especially those in the automotive and consumer goods industries) are needing to meet demands quickly, efficiently, and accurately.


3D Printing Apr 29, 2021

On April 28th, 2021, Additive Manufacturing industry pioneer, Stratasys, unveiled three exciting new 3D Printers focused on manufacturing and production applications. These three new systems move 3D printing far beyond its traditional roles in prototyping and development into the realm of high-quality, higher-volume, und-use part production. 



3D Printing Apr 06, 2021

Exciting news from Stratasys dropped this week when they announced that they will offer a new technology called SAF (pronounced as a word) that stands for Selective Absorption Fusion. (Yes, we know what you're thinking, another acronym to remember.) If you're familiar with additive technology, it might ring a bell, but if not, no need to worry. Let's take a look at SAF from Stratasys.


3D Printing Jan 12, 2021
In a recent Insight course, I had my students open, slice, and run toolpaths on an STL file that I hand-picked specifically because I knew the automated toolpaths would need to be manually optimized. As I worked along with them, I couldn't help but notice that their toolpaths, unlike mine, needed virtually no adjustments. As it turns out, I wasn't using the latest version of Insight.
3D Printing Oct 28, 2020
Earlier this year, GoEngineer relocated from Pontiac to a brand new office that includes a 3D printing lab and SOLIDWORKS training facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan. If you’re near Metro Detroit, stop by and check out the latest innovations in additive manufacturing. Our 3D printing lab will continue to expand, but today it is home to three of the major players in the additive manufacturing space.
3D Printing Jul 02, 2019
I acquired the Roboteurs RBX1 (Remix) robot arm from my colleague Preston Ruff who in a previous blog post, built and assembled the robot arm from a kit. The robot arm is a 6-axis robot with a pincer grip. Being an engineer and a fan of robots, I started to think of ways to improve the arm. The first thought that came to mind was that the gripper was simple and could be improved. So, I started to design improvements on my own.
3D Printing Dec 20, 2018
My significant other is really into whitewater rafting, and she has lots of friends who are river boat guides. So weekend camping trips usually involve large inflatable boats, among other things. I’ve been on a few river trips but I am not an official river person (yet), so I’m kind of the “plus one” on a camping trip.
3D Printing Dec 18, 2018
I will be departing on a backpacking trip into Mexico soon. If you have not heard of the term bikepacking, think backpacking, but on a bike. The main goal in bikepacking, as well as backpacking, is to reduce weight wherever possible. I have been working to come up with some better solutions to my current setup to help me hit this goal.