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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Jul 03, 2024

Color is a crucial element in visual media as it influences how viewers perceive the final product. Understanding the components of color and how you can control these within SOLIDWORKS Visualize will improve your renders. While color theory can be a deep topic, we will stick with the basics and how they can be applied to Visualize projects.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is a powerful photo rendering tool. A complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included with each SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium license on active subscription.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize May 22, 2024

Lighting plays an important role in creating photorealistic images, and the tools available in SOLIDWORKS Visualize vary between the Standard and Professional versions. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard provides a simple-to-use lighting system that is friendly to new users, whereas SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional builds on that with additional options such as point or area lights for finer control. Visualize Professional also features the option to create a Sunlight Environment for simulating outdoor lighting conditions.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Apr 08, 2024

Textures add depth and interest to everything from food to art, and the same is true for Visualize Appearances. Without textures, surfaces in Visualize can look flat or unrealistic, so let’s look at ways we can add and manipulate textures in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

3D Printing Mar 21, 2024

GoEngineer's latest Community Design Contest challenged SOLIDWORKS designers to produce their dream desk accessory. Entries ranged from pen cups to headphone stands, but the winning design was a striking and hyper-personalized desk organizer from Mitchell Sherry titled, the "Bring Back the Cool" desk organizer.



PhotoView 360 for SOLIDWORKS is being retired after version 2023 SP5. If you currently use PhotoView 360 and have already updated to SP3, you might have seen a message about this. Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2024 SP0 (released in November 2023), the PhotoView 360 add-in will no longer be included with SOLIDWORKS Office, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Premium. Users will instead have access to Visualize for all of their rendering needs. 


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Oct 23, 2023

SOLIDWORKS Visualize enables sales and marketing to rapidly create high-quality photorealistic renderings from CAD designs. New enhancements to SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2024 make the job easier, faster, and more accurate than ever. Some of these upgrades might be familiar, as they were added to Visualize 2023 after SP3. Let’s look at a full rundown of all the new features added within the last year.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Sep 14, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Visualize leverages 3D CAD data to create content that is print and web-ready in minutes. It helps users select, validate, and improve robust design concepts before committing expensive engineering, prototyping, and marketing resources to a project. An important feature of SOLIDWORKS Visualize is its design, which highly leverages one or many GPUs (especially NVIDIA RTX GPUs), dramatically increasing rendering performance above and beyond “normal” CPU hardware.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Jul 26, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows you to leverage your 3D CAD data to quickly and easily create photo-quality content to bring your products to life. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the "camera" for your CAD data! With the Denoiser tool, you can achieve significant reductions in render time for production-quality images.