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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Mar 15, 2021

If SOLIDWORKS Visualize crashes when opening new or existing projects or hangs while initializing at startup, the software may be trying to use the machine’s integrated graphics card instead of the high-performance card. This guide covers the steps needed to resolve this issue.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Dec 22, 2020
New to Visualize 2021 is the ability to utilize SOLIDWORKS model configurations. Previously, configurations could be added in Visualize only. Visualize configurations were much like Display States in SOLIDWORKS; only the appearances of the models could change. In Visualize 2021 users can now access their SOLIDWORKS configurations to show geometric changes in a single Visualize project.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize May 08, 2020
A step by step guide for how to install and configure SOLIDWORKS Visualize including: Installing SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost, Selecting a Visualize Boost Cluster for Rendering. Setting Up Render Cluster, Configuring Visualize Boost.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Nov 15, 2019
Visualize 2019 added support for MDL Materials (Material Definition Language – Nvidia) and PBR (Physics Based Rendering) Appearances. While there were some limitations with their usage in 2019, Visualize 2020 has added more functionality with MDL materials. Users can now tweak the appearance more than was available in the previous version. Hot on the heels of these new appearance types, SOLIDWORKS has added support for the AxF (Appearance Exchange Format) Material!
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Oct 15, 2018
The SOLIDWORKS Visualize Palette controls the Appearances, Scenes, and Cameras within the user interface. This is where all of the render settings are located and editing takes place. Some users perfer to undock the Palette when working in Full Screen Mode and move it to another monitor to create more room on the main screen for editing.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Sep 15, 2018
The SOLIDWORKS Visualize add-in, which is available in SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Professional, lets you export SOLIDWORKS features directly to SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Jan 29, 2018
You will need wide open read/write permissions to the computer and registry, Admin rights. The antivirus, firewalls, windows Defender, spyware detectors, etc. will need to be turned off throughout the process. Even for the first connection between the Client machine and the Boost machine.