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SOLIDWORKS Composer Mar 03, 2023

Here’s the dilemma: you are ready to apply a texture to your SOLIDWORKS Composer actor, so you click the activate checkbox. However, the alignment of the texture is not what you desired, so you unclick it, re-align, then try to re-add, but to no avail. Not to worry, there is a simple solution! Learn what a texture in SOLIDWORKS Composer is and how to apply it here.




SOLIDWORKS Composer Oct 17, 2022

There are multiple types of views in SOLIDWORKS Composer. The Camera View captures the position of the camera. It does not track the position of a component with respect to the other parts in the assembly. Custom Views in SOLIDWORKS Composer can track component position and many other aspects of the individual parts. 


SOLIDWORKS Composer Aug 22, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Composer lets you apply colors and textures (e.g., wood grain to simulate a finished product) to parts and assemblies. Colors and textures can be applied to individual parts or the entire assembly. You can also take advantage of hierarchy that overrides part-level colors with assembly-level colors. 


SOLIDWORKS Composer Jun 10, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Composer users can link views to thumbnails in the viewport. Navigate to specific views by clicking directly in the viewport on the thumbnail of the view that one wants to navigate to. Doing so simplifies Composer documents for viewers unfamiliar with the program and allows them to seamlessly navigate views in Composer Viewer.


SOLIDWORKS Composer Dec 02, 2020
SOLIDWORKS Composer makes it easier than ever to mirror parts of a part or assembly. The tool we want to use is called Symmetrize, and it lets us create a mirror copy that either replaces the original component or sits directly across from it. Want to flip an smg component to show a different angle? Done. Want to show an assembly from two sides at the same time? It can do that too.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Nov 02, 2020

Has the SOLIDWORKS Composer watermark appeared while using a network license? If so, check the three areas listed in this article to re-establish your license information and remove the SOLIDWORKS Composer watermark from the background of your project.


SOLIDWORKS Composer Oct 22, 2020
Want to create a video of your SOLIDWORKS Composer project but not satisfied with the frame rate or resolution? Do you want to present it on a large screen? This article shows users how to create and export high-quality videos with SOLIDWORKS Composer using a third-party video editing software.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Oct 02, 2020
This step-by-step process defines the generic workflow from view, to link, to web-based HTML in SOLIDWORKS Composer. Please note that the goal of this article is to educate those who are already acquainted with SOLIDWORKS Composer, Technical Workshop, SVG’s, and basic web design practices on how to import Composer specific SVG’s into a webpage.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Nov 18, 2019
If you are like me, the traditional AVI output for Composer animations is nothing but headache after headache. SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 now supports animation output in MP4 format, so there won’t be a need to find a (free) translator online and convert the AVI down to a reasonable size.