Change Your Name on SOLIDWORKS Electrical Prints

Article by Cheri Guntzviller on Dec 13, 2020

I was having a conversation with a customer the other day and he posed a question to me. “Where does my name, which appears on SOLIDWORKS Electrical drawings, get populated?” 

I truly had to think! I never thought to investigate this. My name shows up and how it looks had never been a concern for me. I don’t develop prints in a production atmosphere anymore. What if I wanted to change how my name appeared on my SOLIDWORKS Electrical prints? What if I wanted to have just my initials or my full name in the created field

I knew part of the answer, but I had to ask a colleague of mine for the full answer. I had no idea how SOLIDWORKS Electrical pulled the default name that appears. The field default name comes from the Microsoft account on the computer that is being used by the user. 

There is an easier solution! Inside of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, this setting for your name to be changed can be accessed by going directly to the Tools tab in your upper ribbon. Click on the Application Settings button which will take you to the Collaborative Server settings. 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Username Options

There are two options of how usernames will populate in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. You can select Windows Identifier and you will then be receiving your name from your Windows Username. However, the next option is Customize which is where you can create a username that will only be used in SOLIDWORKS Electrical which will not affect any of your other Windows settings. 

Selecting the radio button for each will change your name for any future development. This does not change your name for any previously created projects, drawings, or revisions. Moving forward, your username will be pulled from whichever option that you have selected.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Change User Names Tutorial

One other note! You will need to apply this change, close out of your software and reopen it. 

I hope that you have found this tech tip to be of use! You can find more SOLIDWORKS Electrical tech tips listed below.

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