Clean Install of the NVIDIA Driver

Article by Daniel Gibson on Dec 04, 2020

There may come a time when the NVIDIA driver for your video needs to be updated or a clean install needs to be performed to solve an issue. Luckily, this is part of the installation process and can be done while installing the new driver.

Getting the correct Driver

The get the correct version of the NVIDIA driver go to the SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification page and fill out the system information and the link to the correct driver is given. Figure A:1 is the recommended driver. Figure A:2 gives the specific driver and version tested.

Clean Install of the NVIDIA Driver

Figure A

This will direct you to the NVIDIA Driver Download page. The search may need to be selected, and then a list of drivers populates. Select the driver and it will take you to the download page. The correct driver can be then downloaded.

Installing the Driver

Once the driver is downloaded run the .exe file and launch the installer (Figure B).

Installing the NVIDIA Driver

Figure B

Accept the license agreement (Figure C).

NVIDIA Software License Agreement

Figure C

Select the Custom (Advance) option (Figure D:3) for the install.

NVIDIA Installation Options

Figure D

Select the 'Perform a clean installation' option (Figure E:4).

NVIDIA Custom Installation Options

Figure E

After the installation is complete, Launch the NVIDIA control panel through the right-click menu on the desktop (Figure F).

Accessing the NVIDIA Control Panel

Figure F

Then check that the 'Base Profile' is selected.

NVIDIA Control Panel Base Profile Drop Down

Figure G

This completes the clean install. The old driver was removed and the new one installed. Once this process is completed, the driver can be verified by opening SOLIDWORKS RX and going to the Diagnostics tab. In the Status section, you can verify what version of the driver is now installed (Figure H:5).

SOLIDWORKS RX Diagnostics NVIDIA Graphics Driver

Figure H

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