Create Custom Wire Numbers in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D

Article by GoEngineer on Sep 19, 2013

This article explains how to create a custom wire number for SOLIDWORKS Electrical Multi-Line Schematics.

  1. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, go to the “Schematic” tab and click on either of the “Draw multiple wires” or “Draw single wire type” commands.

    create custom wire numbers solidworks electrical

  2. Click on the “…” in the command box.

    wire style selection box solidworks electrical

  3. Click on the Manager command in the Wire style selector.

    manager command wire style selector

  4. A new wire style can be added by click on the “Add” command (1). Also, an existing wire style can be edited by selecting the wire style in the list (2) and double-clicking the description of the wire style (3).

    how to add a new wire style in solidworks electrical

  5. Click in the box that corresponds to the “Wire Formula.”

    Wire Style Properties SOLIDWORKS Electrical

  6. This action will open up the Formula Manager: Wire Mark. A predefined Formula can be used by Double Clicking it in the list in the “Predefined Formula” box. In addition, a custom formula can be created by using the options in the “Available Variables and simple formulas” box. A combination of both the “Predefined formulas” and “Available variables and simple formulas” can be used to create a custom formula.

    Formula Manager: Wire Mark SOLIDWORKS Electrical

  7. When the “Number new wires” or “Renumber wires” commands are used the wire numbers will follow the newly selected formula.

    number new wires solidworks electrical


A) A wire style can only have one numbering style. Two different wire numbering styles can not be created for the same wire

B) Hide the wire marks on wires where the wire number does not need to be displayed. Group Select them, right Click and select “Show/hide wire marks”.

C) An alternative method is to double click on the wire and manually mark the wire.

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