Wrapping Attribute Text in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Article by GoEngineer on Sep 25, 2018

SOLIDWORKS Electrical uses attributes to represent pertinent information about a component. Typically, this information is represented in a single line of text, but occasionally the text becomes unreasonably long and needs multiple lines.

To wrap attribute text in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, use the Multiple Attribute command in the Symbol Editor.

How to Wrap Attribute Text

To access the Multiple Attribute command in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, go and edit a symbol. In this case, I want to wrap the Component Description attribute for a Line Diagram motor symbol, but this technique can be applied to any attribute.

attribute text too long solidworks electrical

On the Edit Symbol tab, click the Multiple Attribute button.

multiple attributes button solidworks

The Set as Multiple Attribute dialogue will appear. Here is where you can specify how many lines you want and how far apart they are spaced. Then select the attribute in the graphics area that should be wrapped (#COM_TZ_0_L1 for this example).

set as multiple attributes dialogue

The attribute name will expand into multiple attribute sections.

how to wrap attribute text

Back on the schematic sheet, nothing will appear to have changed because the text inside of the attribute will need to be modified. (If you have already placed the symbol on the schematic, remember to Right-Click > Symbol > Update the symbol).

In this example, the Component Description needs to be modified. A vertical bar “|” needs to be added wherever you want the text to break. (Example: This text is too|long to fit |on a single line. |Please help me.)

component properties window solidworks

After added the vertical bars “|” the attribute content is wrapped.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical wrap attribute text

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